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[ # ] News Roundup June 20th
June 20th, 2007

The Tipperary Limerick replay is the only championship game on this weekend. Unfortunately it’s not available on live TV, being scheduled for 3.30 on Sunday so you’ll have to head to Limerick to catch the action live. Might be available on radio 1 but seeing as the Dubs are playing football they’re more than likely to dominate the airwaves. Tipp have injuries to Eamon Corcoran and Shane McGrath delaying their team selection.

There is a full schedule of Christ Ring and Nicky Rackard Cup games on. Could be a big clash in the Christ Ring group A where two potential winners Westmeath and Down meet on Saturday in Mullingar.

Plenty more controversy to go around aswell. Cork boss Gerald McCarthy on the GAA, it’s disciplinary procedures and it’s president Nicky Brennan. Brennan has responded by calling an unscheduled meeting of the Central Council this weekend to try deal with all the current disciplinary problems and the Clare Cork fallout.

And as if Cork haven’t created enough problems they apparently for the qualifier games. Apparently they don’t agree with the home and away basis because it wasn’t specified in the motion at congress. You’d think Cork would be trying to promote the game not drag it down into petty disputes and childish arguments.

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