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[ # ] Comparing Hurling Teams of the Year for 2007
October 23rd, 2007

With all the teams of the year having been announced we can look at them side by side and compare them. We have the All-Stars team, the GPA team and Sunday Game team.

  All Stars GPA Sunday Game
1. B. Murray (Lim) D. Fitzhenry (Wex) D. Fitzhenry (Wex)
2. M. Kavanagh (Kk) M. Kavanagh (Kk) M. Kavanagh (Kk)
3. D. Fanning (Tip) S. Lucey (Lim) S. Lucey (Lim)
4. J. Tyrell (Kk) J. Tyrell (Kk) J. Tyrell (Kk)
5. T. Walsh (Kk) T. Walsh (Kk) T. Walsh (Kk)
6. K. McGrath (Wat) K. McGrath (Wat) K. McGrath (Wat)
7. T. Browne (Wat) M. Foley (Lim) T. Browne (Wat)
8. J. Fitzpatrick (Kk) J. Fitzpatrick (Kk) J. Fitzpatrick (Kk)
9. M. Walsh (Wat) M. Walsh (Wat) M. Walsh (Wat)
10. D. Shanahan (Wat) E. Brennan (Kk) D. Shanahan (Wat)
11. O. Moran (Lim) O. Moran (Lim) O. Moran (Lim)
12. S. Molumphy (Wat) D. Shanahan (Wat) E. Larkin (Kk)
13. A. O’Shaughnessy (Lim) A. O’Shaughnessy (Lim) A. O’Shaughnessy (Lim)
14. H. Shefflin (Kk) H. Shefflin (Kk) H. Shefflin (Kk)
15. E. Brennan (Kk) M. Comerford (Kk) E. Brennan (Kk)

The breakdown per county on each team is:
All-Stars: Kilkenny (6), Waterford (5), Limerick (3), Tipperary (1)
GPA: Kilkenny (7), Waterford (3), Limerick (4), Wexford (1)
Sunday Game: Kilkenny (7), Waterford (4), Limerick (3), Wexford (1)

The consensus selections (i.e. the same on all 3 teams) are numbers 2, 4 and 5 which are Michael Kavangh, Jackie Tyrell and Tommy Walsh, Number 6 Ken McGath, Midfield with Cha Fitzpatrick and Brick Walsh, Centre Forward with Ollie Moran, 13 with Andrew O’Shaughnessy and 14 with Henry Shefflin. Eddie Brennan and Dan Shanahan are also on all 3 teams although the GPA team decides to position them differently to the other two. That’s a total of 11 players on all 3 teams which is a fair reflection on the players that stood out all year. There was only one position that was different for all three and that was the final forward spot, number 12 or 15 depending on which team you look at. They all agreed on 5 of the forwards, the last one they couldn’t pick a stand out performer for so we got Stephen Molumphy of Waterford from the All Stars, Martin Comerford of Kilkenny from the GPA and Eoin Larkin of Kilkenny from the Sunday Game.

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