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[ # ] Gaelic Games Hurling Review - First Thoughts
November 9th, 2007

Just been bashing around with the new hurling game on the PS2. It’s a bit early to rush to judgement but some early thoughts are that the gameplay is easy to pick up but the graphics are pretty poor.

It seems much easier to play than the original football game, after 1 training session I was hitting goals and points without too much trouble (admittedly playing as Kilkenny against Mayo). Even my girlfriend, who’s barely touched a video game in her life, was able to win a game at the first attempt. The game has automated a lot of the difficult features such as rising the ball, soloing and winning possession so straight away it’s eliminated a lot of the unique skills of hurling. There’s no real artistry to striking either, just tap the button and watch the strength and accuracy meters. That being said it’s nice to be able to pick up and play straight away without going through a huge learning curve.

There’s a huge range of game types to choose from, all the counties are available and there’s even a club mode with around 10 clubs from each county. However I don’t know what criteria they used to pick the clubs - they seem to be almost randomly chosen, not caring whether they’re predominately football clubs. Given that the game has no real player names (and no player likeness) they could at least have gotten the clubs right.

One nice little feature is a mission mode for each county where you have to try and complete some task. It’s normally a major game from a counties past where you have to try and reproduce their great win or change the course of history by turning around a defeat.

Here’s a couple of dodgy screenshots from the game…

hurling screen shot 1

hurling screen shot 2

I’ll post back again on Sunday or Monday once I’ve played it a bit more to see if there’s any longevity in it and what the full season modes are like.

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