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Hurling on TV over Christmas
December 19th, 2007. [ Comments: none ]

Not much to talk about at this time of year, aside from the annoying Cork players who want to run a dictatorship down by the Lee. Time to put the mouse down for a week or two and eat loads of turkey and chocolate while reading a few GAA books, playing the Hurling on the playstation and watching out for reviews of the year on telly.

Here’s a glance at some of the hurling related programmes on tv over the christmas, most of which are on .

Saturday 22nd
7.15pm - TG4 - All Ireland Gold, 1989 Hurling Final, Offaly v Antrim
7.45pm - Setanta - This year’s Colleges Final, Kilkenny CBS v Waterford DLS

Sunday 23rd
5.10pm - TG4 - Tony Keady, Laochra Gael

Christmas Eve
5.25pm - TG4 - The Life of Michael O’Hehir
6.40pm - TG4 - Munster Semi Final, Waterford v Cork, First game
7pm - Setanta - All Ireland Final, Kilkenny v Limerick
8.30pm - Setanta - Review of the GAA year

Christmas Day
6.30pm - TG4 - Top 15 Goals of the year
10.50pm - TG4 - 1982 Football Final, Offaly v Kerry

Happy Christmas to all our readers.

Quiet Season turns into Silly Season
December 14th, 2007. [ Comments: none ]

Look what happens when there’s no hurling to occupy everyone - players going on strike, county boards going nuts, supporters revolting. It’s crazy! The sooner February rolls around and we get the National Leagues going again the better!

It seems that everyone has too much free time on their hands and are in need of some kind of excitement to keep them occupied. I think someone needs to get all these people the Gaelic Games Hurling playstation game, a copy of the and the for christmas, that might keep their minds on the good side of hurling and tide us over till February 9th!

Alan Kerins wins GPA Fair Play Award
December 13th, 2007. [ Comments: 2 ]

Galway’s sponsored by Halifax. It seems to be Kerins off field activites that got him the award, he has his own charity - the “Alan Kerins African Projects” - which raises moeny and provides services for some of the poorest in Africa.

Great to see a top class GAA player doing such high profile charity work and getting rewarded for it.

Cork team go on Strike
December 11th, 2007. [ Comments: none ]

The ever militant Cork players have livened up the quiet December period by going on strike. The hurling and football panels have joined together in this one in a dispute over the county boards interference in choosing selectors for both the hurling and football managers. The hurling manager Gerald McCarthy and his football counterpart Billy Morgan are apparently none too happy about being told who they must choose as their selectors and the players have responded by declaring a strike. The Cork county board are definitely very controlling and this move to try and control the selectors is probably in response to the current player power times. Equally the Cork players have always been at the forefront of the players rights campaigns and you get the impression they’d go on strike at the drop of a hat. Players should never have a major say in who the managers and selectors are but I guess they’re standing up for their manager’s rights in this one.

Tyrone County Secretary Lashes the County Hurling Squad
December 10th, 2007. [ Comments: none ]

An interesting headline from the Irish Independent (in case you don’t see it on the site, the 5 most recent hurling stories from the Indo are listed at the top of the posts here) where it appears that questioning their attitude and commitment and accusing them of treating games as a social occassion. You can read the full account of his criticism from that link there.

It’s certainly damning criticism but you’d think in the weaker hurling counties like Tyrone they’d be doing everything they can to promote the game and encourage the players rather than lambasting them for their attitude. Tyrone done reasonably well last year only losing out to Roscommon in the league semi and Armagh in the Nicky Rackard, both of whom were top teams at that grade. Perhaps it’s another case of a county board official getting all hot and bothered in the current player centred climate!

2008 Hurling League Fixtures
December 10th, 2007. [ Comments: 1 ]

Finally got round to entering the list of fixtures for the 2008 National Hurling League (and they’re in English as opposed to the Irish in the official lists). It all starts on 10th February and 5 rounds later the league stages wrap up on March 23rd and from there it’s into the knockout stages.

One very unusual team entered, South Down, in Division 4. What’s the story here? Haven’t heard much about this. Why would an average Division 2 outfit, as Down are, produce a regional offshoot. If anyone was doing that it should be Dublin, to try allow for the huge population.

Mayo hurler Derek Walsh puts his case forward in the Indo
December 6th, 2007. [ Comments: none ]

In contrast to the anti-grants story in the last post there’s who puts forward his case in support of the grants scheme. It’s good to get the point of view of a player from one of the so called weaker counties. One of the issues people had with the grants was that they’d only benefit the stronger counties but Derek Walsh’s story dispels that idea.

Anti Grants Group - OfOneBelief.org
December 6th, 2007. [ Comments: 1 ]

There’s been plenty of coverage for a big meeting of around 400 people in Antrim last night to raise their concerns about the grants being awarded to GAA players.

At the end of the meeting there was unanimous support for the following resolutions:

1. There must be no change (other than properly mandated via Congress) to the GAA’s amateur status as presented in its Rule 11: the current proposals fly in the face of that amateur status and Rule 11

2. The discussion of the current proposals planned for the forthcoming Management and Central Council meetings should be deferred

3. A full and proper discussion of these issues should take place across the GAA

4. Those present would proceed to use their own Club and County channels to voice their opposition to the current proposals.

Finally, the clear consensus was that should the current proposals be approved before a proper consultation with the membership is carried out, then a further meeting would be called to again gauge opinion.

The group have set up a website -

Leinster and Munster Club Final Results
December 2nd, 2007. [ Comments: 3 ]

On an awful day for hurling to win their first Munster club title and to claim the Leinster crown.

Loughmore-Castleiney 1-6 Tulla 0-7

Birr 1-11 Ballyboden St. Endas 0-13



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