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[ # ] Whining Wexford not happy with relegation
March 26th, 2008

Wexford are up in arms over the fact that they are being relegated to Division 2. What’s their problem? - Both they and Dublin played their full complement of 5 games and ended up with 3 points each and as per GAA rules the team with the better scoring difference (i.e. Dublin) comes first. The Cork and Waterford playoff situation is stupid but it has no bearing on the Wexford Dublin issue. Wexford are just whinging becausing they’re going to be in Division 2 next year - well if they’d played a little better during their 5 games they wouldn’t have had to worry. There has to be some form of relegation or the league is pointless. So what Wexford are really saying is that they’re too traditional a county to go down and they want to play off with Dublin in the hope they can beat them and send Dublin down instead!

The league is hard to get exactly right but everyone knew well in advance the situation and Wexford have no one but themselves to blame for getting relegated.

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