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[ # ] Helmets with Face Guards to be Compulsory
April 16th, 2008

One of the motions passed at Congress over the weekend will mean that from 2010 all senior inter county players must wear helmets with face guards. Currently the rule applies up to the under 21 grade.

The days of bloodied faces should be a thing of the past. The likes of Waterford’s Ken McGrath and Dan Shanahan are two who spring to mind, McGrath regularly ends up with a bloody cut on his face at some stage of a match.

Hopefully along with this the GAA will get tough on fouls where helmets are pulled off, grabbing the face guard or sticking the butt of a hurl through the face guard. The guard being grabbed and ripped off is common occurence in dust ups and it’s never punished. Further proof of the lax attitude in the GAA to foul play. In other sports where face guards are used, e.g. American Football, grabbing hold of the face guard results in a big penalty.

Hurling Helmet with Faceguard

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