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[ # ] Cincinnati Bengals Dhani Jones tries Hurling
May 9th, 2008

American football player from the is over in Ireland trying to play hurling as part of a reality TV program. Seems to be part of a series where he travels around spending a week trying new sports. He was playing rugby in England prior to trying the hurling.

He’s with the in Dublin preparing to play a challenge game against Celbridge on Saturday May10th. He’s been getting training from Lucan’s own county man John MacCaffrey and from the legendary DJ Carey.

It’s always interesting to see how a star from another sport manages with picking up hurling. Given it’s so hard for most Irish people to master it’s hard to believe someone else can. He seems to be doing ok though judging by the reports. I guess he’s already in great physical shape so he can concentrate on picking up the basic skills he needs. Apparently they’re going to give him just over half a game. Wonder what position he’ll play?

Here’s a clip from youtube of his rugby efforts, hopefully we’ll get some of his hurling soon.

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• Shame they didn't have the Fathers Grass Hurling Event this year. Worlds gone health & safety mad!!
• needs to be found, rumours are that he may be responsible for hurling batter puddings at Minnie Banister in 1954
• disagree with 's fav minor hurling clashes on the blog? let him know here:
• Played some more pocket god this morning, oh why is it so fun hurling innocent pygmies into the sea? :L
• Yeah, I get the feeling it might not be as effective when someone's hurling a little red thing at me...

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