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[ # ] Galway just about support move to Leinster
September 30th, 2008

of the county moving to the Leinster hurling championship.

It’s ridiculous that it was so close but it’s no surprise, in fact it’s almost a surprise that it passed given past decisions by Galway delegates. The players had made it clear they supported the move to Leinster mainly because it’ll help them hone their game and get the championship edge as opposed to playing a couple of dead qualifiers. The delegates of course are just obsessed with tradition and the concept of Galway moving to play in another province. The best move for Galway hurling is to play in either the Leinster or Munster championship and if there are Galway people voting against that then they obviously haven’t got the best interest of Galway hurling at heart.

Now it moves on to congress where some of the Leinster counties are opposing it. Hopefully it can make it through. I’m not all that confident, hurling is too important to be left in the hands of all these old county board cronies.

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