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[ # ] Congress approves Galway and Antrim moving to Leinster
October 4th, 2008

GAA special congress approved the move of Galway and Antrim into the Leinster championship from next year. A large majority of the delegates voted in favour of the move despite the self centred pleas against from Wexford, Offaly and Dublin. It’s a great move, should lead to a very exciting championship next year and now Galway will have no excuses for not delivering on their underage talent.

New disciplinary procedures are to be trialled at the start of the year. Getting a yellow card means you’ll be sent off to be replaced by another player. Seems an awful rule to be introducing to hurling. Whatever about the slugfest bore that is football, hurling has no need for new disciplinary rules - unfortunately hurling is still tied to football so the same rules end up applying to both.

The call for under 21 to be changed to under 20 never made it. with the Galway/Antrim move and the discipline changes so he didn’t want to push it by shoving in the under 21 aswell.

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[ # 8204 ] Comment from Nicky [October 6, 2008, 7:33 pm]

Galway and Antrim will have to travel away for all their games. All fixtures will be played in Leinster.

Not that there’s much home advantage anyway, games generally played at neutral venues.

The championship draw is on Wednesday night at 7.30

[ # 8237 ] Comment from stevo [October 7, 2008, 12:59 pm]

Finally some excitement to lienster, had not heard a single argument to date why this should not happen, apart from a few teams who did not want abit of competition. munster has on average had 3 great teams and 2 middle teams. leinster 1 great team (maybe 2 on occasions) and 2 middle teams. this should even things out nicely. really excited about next year see 5 levels next year,1) kilkenny favourites, 2) cork & tipp should be there, 3) galway, waterford (partial rebuilding required) and maybe offaly in next group, 4) then limerick, clare & wexford, 5) antrim & dublin. roll on the summer!

[ # 8239 ] Comment from Larry [October 7, 2008, 1:22 pm]

Galway could be up there next year, they have no excuses now.

If Justin McCarthy takes over in Limerick that’ll be interesting, they might be back to their 07 form.

If Nicky English or Davy Fitz takes over Dublin they’ll be intriguing to watch to see if they can make the step up

Can’t wait…

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