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[ # ] Cork Players Striking again, Taking the Piss
October 30th, 2008

The primadonnas in Cork are at it again. All the players seem set to strike or refuse to play for Cork while Gerald MacCarthy is in charge. They’re really taking the piss now. Going too far with their professional approach.

The core which they may or may not openly say is that they blame Gerald MacCarthy for not winning the All Ireland last year. They have this bizaare notion that they just turn up on the day and once the manager has them prepared 100% they’ll win. It was evident in Brian Corcoran’s autobiography and Donal Og Cusack regularly hints at it. It’s time they copped on to themselves and were bought back to reality. It’s about what you do on the pitch not what goes on behind the scenes.

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[ # 9638 ] Comment from Yednnek [November 7, 2008, 9:05 am]

To say what goes on behing the scenes isnt’ important is a ridiculous contention. The success fo a team is more than just 25 players on the pitch. Although a team on top form can often rise above backroom issues - a weak foundation will inevitably crack.
For the record I am not in favour of striking and I think Gerald Mac has strengthened Cork hurling for the long term, in the way he blooded the next generation of Cork seniors over the ocurse of last season.
Politics in Cork hurling has long since been a bone of contention and the processes being used are in no way transparent. It’s vital that the players are happy that things are done in the correct way.
They are a milimetre shy of professinalism in their training and dedication - so the organisation behind them should be the same. Frankly, it isn’t.

[ # 10227 ] Comment from Ollie [November 19, 2008, 2:48 pm]

FRANKly being they operative word… A happy worker is a good worker.. In Cork you play to win, and you know you can win…. Politics are bringing this team down to a lower level and not making them happy.. Yes Gerald has helped a tiny bit but he’s only doing what every other manager would.. Difference being some other managers would have done a lot more, and you can see that in the last few years.. Differene between Donal O Grady/John Allen to Gerald is immense. You can see it in the training.

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