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[ # ] 2009 National Hurling League Fixtures
December 5th, 2008

New League Tables are ready.

February 8th

Division 1 Round 1
Cork v Dublin
Galway v Kilkenny
Limerick v Clare
Waterford v Tipperary

Division 2 Round 1
Antrim v Westmeath
Kerry v Wexford
Laois v Down
Offaly v Carlow

Division 3A Round 1
Derry v Mayo
Meath v Kildare
Wicklow v Armagh

Division 3B Round 1
Donegal v Longford
Roscommon v London
Tyrone v Fingal
Louth - BYE

Division 4 Round 1
Cavan v Fermanagh
Down South v Leitrim
Sligo v Monaghan

February 14th, Saturday

Division 1 Round 2
Tipperary v Cork

Division 2 Round 2
Carlow v Kerry

Division 3A Round 2
Kildare v Wicklow

Division 4 Round 2
Monaghan v Cavan

February 15th, Sunday

Division 1 Round 2
Clare v Waterford
Dublin v Galway
Kilkenny v Limerick

Division 2 Round 2
Down v Antrim
Westmeath v Offaly
Wexford v Laois

Division 3A Round 2
Armagh v Derry
Mayo v Meath

Division 3B Round 2
Fingal v Louth
London v Tyrone
Longford v Roscommon
Donegal – BYE

Division 4 Round 2
Fermanagh v South Down
Leitrim v Sligo

March 1st

Division 1 Round 3
Cork v Galway
Limerick v Dublin
Tipperary v Clare
Waterford v Kilkenny

Division 2 Round 3
Antrim v Wexford
Laois v Carlow
Offaly v Kerry
Westmeath v Down

Division 3A Round 3
Armagh v Kildare
Derry v Meath
Wicklow v Mayo

Division 3B Round 3
Louth v London
Roscommonv Donegal
Tyrone v Longford
Fingal - BYE

Division 4 Round 3
Cavan v Down South
Monaghan v Leitrim
Sligo v Fermanagh

March 21st, Saturday

Division 3A Round 4
Kildare v Derry
Mayo v Armagh

Division 3B Round 4
Donegal v Tyrone

March 22nd, Sunday

Division 1 Round 4
Clare v Cork
Dublin v Waterford
Galway v Limerick
Kilkenny v Tipperary

Division 2 Round 4
Carlow v Antrim
Down v Offaly
Kerry v Laois
Wexford v Westmeath

Division 3A Round 4
Meath v Wicklow

Division 3B Round 4
London v Fingal
Longford v Louth
Roscommon - BYE

Division 4 Round 4
Down South v Sligo
Fermanagh v Monaghan
Leitrim v Cavan

March 28th, Saturday

Division 2 Round 5
Westmeath v Carlow

Division 4 Round 5
Cavan v Sligo
Leitrim v Fermanagh
Monaghan v Down South

March 29th, Sunday

Division 1 Round 5
Clare v Kilkenny
Cork v Limerick
Tipperary v Dublin
Waterford v Galway

Division 2 Round 5
Antrim v Kerry
Down v Wexford
Offaly v Laois

Division 3A Round 5
Armagh v Meath
Derry v Wicklow
Kildare v Mayo

Division 3B Round 5
Fingal v Longford
Louth v Donegal
Tyrone v Roscommon
London - BYE

April 5th

Division 1 Round 6
Dublin v Clare
Galway v Tipperary
Limerick v Waterford
Kilkenny v Cork

Division 2 Round 6
Carlow v Down
Kerry v Westmeath
Laois v Antrim
Wexford v Offaly

Division 3B Round 6
Donegal v Fingal
Longford v London
Roscommon v Louth
Tyrone - BYE

April 19th

Division 1 Round 7
Clare v Galway
Cork v Waterford
Dublinn v Kilkenny
Tipperary v Limerick

Division 2 Round 7
Down v Kerry
Offaly v Antrim
Westmeath v Laois
Wexford v Carlow

Division 3B Round 7
Fingal v Roscommon
London v Donegal
Louth v Tyrone
Longford - BYE

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[ # 11507 ] Comment from Paula Carter [December 19, 2008, 6:36 pm]

In regards to the Kilkenny-Galway fixture on Feb 8th 09, which is the home fixture please!?

[ # 11508 ] Comment from Larry [December 19, 2008, 7:03 pm]

First named teams are at home in all cases.
So in that case it’s Galway.

[ # 12600 ] Comment from LC [January 27, 2009, 9:59 pm]

anyone know here this game is being played?

[ # 12649 ] Comment from Larry [January 29, 2009, 1:19 pm]

No, probably have to wait till early next week.
Where do Galway normally play their home games at this time of year

Weird that they’ll be playing 2 weeks in a row this early in the year.

[ # 12848 ] Comment from LC [February 3, 2009, 11:55 am]

The Walsh Cup Final last Sunday was very entertaining. Galway could have won it in the end but for a bad umpiring decision. A Galway forward crossed the sliotar before running out over the end line and it was batted into the Kilkenny net. However the umpire said the sliotar had already gone wide. I was right across from the action and it was a good goal.
Very good game all in all with Cyril Donellan putting in a great performance. Roll on the National League

[ # 12850 ] Comment from larry [February 3, 2009, 12:03 pm]

I’m not surprised at the umpiring decision. Its hard to stand dead level with the endline - so they’re often 3 or 4 yards back and you can absolutely not call a correct decision from that angle. Of course that’s where the 2nd umpire (the furthest away one) should make the call.

[ # 14336 ] Comment from mary [March 27, 2009, 2:40 pm]

Can someone tell me where the Dublin v Kilkenny match will be played on the 19th April? Thanks.

[ # 14338 ] Comment from Larry [March 27, 2009, 3:08 pm]

I assume if it’s a Dublin home game it’ll be played in Parnell Park.

[ # 15068 ] Comment from Petra [April 14, 2009, 1:07 pm]

Hi, could you please advise me if there is any rugby match during 21 - 25 April in Southern Ireland? We are coming for a short visit and would love to see it! Thanks a lot.

[ # 15289 ] Comment from eva [April 19, 2009, 12:27 pm]

petra, munster v scarletts in musgrave park on 25th april.does anyone know what time the cork v waterford match is???????

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