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[ # ] Relegation Farce
July 14th, 2009

The whole Liam McCarthy relegation issue has turned farcical at this stage. The GAA continue to confound with their stupidity on issues like this. No one should be relegated from the top tier and Carlow should be allowed up from Christy Ring. So what if there are thirteen teams. At it’s simplest it just means 4 straight quarter finals in Leinster next year, at it’s extreme it just pushes us closer to abandoing the provincial championships.

Carlow deserve a chance in the top grade having won the Christ Ring cup two years running. Antrim, Offaly, Clare and Wexford all need to stay up, where’s the sense in relegating one of them. Are we trying to promote the game and spread it to as many counties as possible or what?

Wake up someone in Croke Park and sort it out.

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