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[ # ] Kilkenny march on thanks to Shefflin
August 10th, 2009

Waterford put up a great battle and restored their pride after last
year but in the end Kilkenny had too much firepower and head on to the
first Sunday in September for their 4 in a row quest.

Shefflin was majestic, constantly finding space, causing havoc in the
full back line and being radar like with his shooting. 1-14 is a
phenomenal achievement, especially with 1-6 of that from play.
Kilkenny’s incredible scoring is the main reason teams just can’t cope
with them. Their huge work rate and hounding of the opposition is one
thing but when you can consistenly pick off points from any area of
the field, from any distance under immense pressure it’s always going
to be hard for the other team to live with you. You’re almost shocked
when you see them hit a wide.

That Waterford performed as well as they did without Ken McGrath and
with John Mullane having a rare off day is a tribute to the work Davy
has done with them and a sign that perhaps they do have some good
talent coming through to continue on the battle when some of the
current veterans hang up the boots.

Another mixed bag of refereeing from Barry Kelly. He was dishing out
yellow cards to beat the band at one stage and then he’d still let
guys pull & drag each other to their hearts content. The ref’s seem to
be obsessed with one thing, which this year is the hurl around the
neck, and then miss all the usual fouls.

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king Henry…wat a ledge

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