3 Fun and Easy Trends I Can't Wait to Wear This Summer

3 Fun and Easy Trends I Can’t Wait to Wear This Summer

Every new season means a new excuse to try new fashion trends. This summer, I’m going for two things that feel right up my alley and one that will feel like a risk for me, which has me excited. While I’ll definitely try other trends here and there (I’m not staying away from tie-dye!), this summer I’m committing to neons, polo shirts, and shorts suits, which are three trends I’ve already been seeing and expect to see more of.

I’m already obsessed with neons, so any excuse to incorporate more into my wardrobe is fine by me. Polo shirts feel like a comfortable and stylish alternative to tees, so bring it on. Shorts suits, however, are not something I ever considered, but this is the summer to go for it. I usually shy away from shorts, but in a city as hot (and fashionable) as New York, the shorts suit is the best way to make a power suit weather friendly. Read ahead to see more and shop these trends.

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