7 Neon Blushes That Prove the Bright Blush Trend Is For Everyone

7 Neon Blushes That Prove the Bright Blush Trend Is For Everyone

Neon makeup is one of the hottest makeup trends of 2020, and with all of the focus shifting from the mouth up this summer, there are two ways you can get in on the look. The most obvious being neon eye makeup and liner, but adding a pop of color to your cheeks is another way that brings just as much impact.

Neon blush is perfect for those moments when you’re trying to get out the door fast or you’re just not the best at eyeliner (I’m looking at . . . me, it’s me). The options for this makeup trend are limitless, with no shortage of neon blush hues on the market to choose from for all skin tones.

“Neon blush can instantly make your skin more alive and look healthier,” celebrity makeup artist Robert Sesnek told POPSUGAR. “It can create effects from sun-kissed to wind-burnt and can make you appear more awake the same way a brighter lipstick can.”

Don’t let the bold pigment of neon blush scare you, either, but just keep in mind these application tips from Sesnek. First things first: less is more when it comes to neon shades and blending is key. “I always blend out the color and sometimes will either buff foundation or translucent powder into the neon blush to soften edges and make the overall look appear seamless,” he said. “I prefer to concentrate on the apples of the cheeks, but also add a lighter softer touch of neon blush to the temples, forehead, and chin for a uniform look.”

As for the rest of your makeup, keep it simple. “Focus on one area of the face when doing neon to make it modern and on trend.” Ready to give it a try yourself? We rounded up the best neon blushes for summer, ahead.

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