A lady at the gym said my top was too revealing – but if she feels insecure around me, that's her problem | The Sun

A FITNESS fanatic has clapped back at a judgmental troll in a hilarious way.

The avid gym-goer showed that she wasn't going to let anyone tell her what to wear while working out.

TikTok user Beba (@youcancallmebeba) shared her response to a Karen at the gym.

In her video, Beba revealed that the stranger had criticized her appearance while she was working out.

The influencer showed her reaction "when the lady at the gym thinks my top is too revealing."

"I hate when b***hes be like ‘humble yourself.’ B***h, I’m not humbling to make you feel good about yourself," Beba said.

She continued: "Up your game, b***h. You feel insecure around me, you feel like less than? That’s your problem.

"That sounds like your own personal issues you need to talk about with your therapist, b***h," the content creator said.

Beba can be seen wearing a black bandeau bra and black sweatpants in the clip.

The content creator showed off her impressive physique in the stylish outfit.

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Her toned midriff and sculpted abs were clearly visible as she clapped back at her hater.

TikTok users took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the situation.

"I'd be like 'sounds like a personal problem to me, girrrrl,'" wrote one viewer.

Another follower said: "Me yesterday in my Fenty sports bra with the girlies sitting pretty."

"And that’s on PERIODT," commented a third person who related to body shaming.

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