A Place In The Sun’s Jasmine Harman’s fashion secrets revealed including spending £1k on dresses she’s NEVER worn

A PLACE in the Sun’s Jasmine Harman often looks as glamorous as the properties she’s showing her clients. 

And it’s no wonder given she loves splurging on £1,000 dresses and knows exactly how to dress to flatter her figure. 

Here, Fabulous reveals Jasmine’s top fashion secrets, and how she hones her impeccable style…

Loves a £1,000 splurge

Jasmine has been a property expert on the show since 2005 and perfected her style over the years. 

While she mainly shops high street, particularly at Karen Millen, Coast, M&S and Zara, Jasmine is no stranger to a big splurge when she falls in love with an item.

Speaking to the MailOnline, she said: “It’s not really my style to go out and blow £1,000 on a handbag or a dress. But there have been a few splurges.

“A couple of years ago I flew back to the UK from Malta to go to an awards ceremony the same evening. 

“The airline lost my luggage, so I made an emergency dash to Harvey Nichols and spent £1,000 on two Max Azria dresses as I couldn’t decide between them.

"To this day, I’ve never worn one of them.”

Hating black clothes

Jasmine knows exactly what will suit her, which makes shopping a lot easier. 

She said: “I’m very decisive about clothes and there are certain things I’ll never buy. Empire-line dresses make me look pregnant and high-waisted trousers and skirts look ghastly on me. I don’t wear black, as I think it’s totally depressing.”

She also tends to shun trends and buy items she likes and what suits her, rather than what is in fashion.

Loves bright colours

Given that she spends between six and 11 months of the year abroad filming, it is no wonder Jasmin opts for bright colours. 

Her particular favourite are greens and pinks, and says she is lucky that her wardrobe can contain more summer items than winter, given her job.

She added: “I do think it’s easier to wear bright colours when the sun’s shining.”

Enjoys florals

Jasmine made her love of florals known during a 2016 episode of Dead Ringers.

She exclaimed: “Since almost everything I wear is floral, it should be obvious; I LIKE FLORALS!

“When they impersonated me on #deadringers I was dubbed a ‘flowery sun lounger in human form’. That’s just how it is. I like floral prints!

“Plus they are much more forgiving should I happen to spill my dinner down my front half way through a shoot….”

Ditched the shapewear in the heat

Jasmine admitted that wearing shapewear in the heat was uncomfortable, so was inspired to shift some pounds and change her diet. 

She took up aerobics and boxing, and lost an impressive two stone in a year. 

She shared with fans on her social media: “I just felt really uncomfortable, I just felt so big and when you’re on TV you don’t want to have all lumps and bumps, you want to look nice in your clothes whatever size you are.

“If you’re wearing a figure-hugging dress and you’ve got bulges then… I think for a while I was having to wear shapewear under my clothes and when it was hot I was like, ‘Why do I have to wear this stuff, I am twice as hot now?’”

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