A stylist shares how to get the most out of your current wardrobe

As lockdown rules ease up, you might be tempted to shop at fast fashion retailers to inject newness to your wardrobe.

It’s been a while since ‘normal’ attire has been required and opening your wardrobe for the first time to piece an outfit together beyond a sweater and trackies might feel like a mission.

There’s also the chance that your old clothes might not incite excitement as they once did.

But in a bid to be more sustainably conscious, it’s worth rethinking how you view you current wardrobe before splurging on new items (though treating yourself it completely okay).

Rebekah Roy, a fashion stylist who’s focused on making the lifespan of clothes go further, says there are tips and tricks you can try to make old garments inspiring again.

When she works with clients, the first thing she does is look at ‘editing’ their wardrobe – rather than look for gaps to fill with new items, it’s about developing a fresh look at old things.

‘My main goal is to give my clients more options then they had before with what they already have,’ she says.

First take out a favourite workwear item and consider how you previously styled it – the chances are, you repeat the same looks over and over.

Rebekah says this is why clothes start to feel outdated because we aren’t being creative with how we wear them.

‘We tend to wear the same outfits in exactly the same way. In our mind, this jumper only goes with these trousers.

‘We like what we already know so we get lazy to try on different combinations and we are afraid to push ourselves and just try things on.’

Part of that routine comes from comfort – if we know an outfit looks acceptable or good, we don’t want to risk switching it up and looking ‘silly’ even when we’re ‘trying on things alone’, as Rebekah says.

‘We take it personally when the shape of the garment, the colour or the fit isn’t flattering’, but there’s money to be saved and a more environmentally conscious outlook to be had from being openminded about your own clothes.

‘Think of your wardrobe as a shop and everything is already there for a reason,’ Rebekah says.

‘Let’s start with “a go-to outfit”- you might have a favourite beige blazer that you only wear with it’s matching trousers. So let’s try that jacket with a selection of dresses, does it look good with a necklace, does it need a belt?’

The key thing to reinvent your clothing without having to spend a penny is to ‘try things that you wouldn’t normally do.’

Rebekah says clients usually are pleasantly surprised and find they fall back in love with something old because it’s been rethought and restyled.

Shopping gives us a dopamine hit, and a recent study showed that we’re ‘doom shopping’ to feel better in the pandemic.

To use that psychology to your benefit, approach rediscovering old clothes like shopping (though albeit there are limits).

‘Shopping in your wardrobe is easier, cheaper and just as fun as buying a new outfit,’ Rebehak says.

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