Always Wet Boy Reveals Special Takashi Murakami T-Shirts

Following his collaboration with Seoul-based label Padotagi, viral dancer Always Wet Boy (@gagjinbeom) has now revealed an unexpected team-up with Takashi Murakami.

Taking to Instagram, Wet Boy posted a new video showing off his new special T-shirt to his “lover.” Another attempt to win back his lost love, the video hilariously ends with his hand getting closed on and his shirt getting taken with the music abruptly ending. According to Wet Boy, the Murakami personally made two Always Wet Boy x Kaikai Kiki T-shirts for just the two of them with no plans to sell the special items.

The beloved figure has become known for dramatic videos of himself powerfully dancing in front of a lost lover’s home set to Ne-Yo’s “So Sick” and Ray J’s “One Wish.” Known as Namolla_Jinbeom in South Korea, the social media sensation is actually a member of the popular comedic troop, Namolla Family.

Check out Always Wet Boy’s special Takashi Murakami Kaikai Kiki T-Shirt below.

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I thought she finally accepted my love. But she only took my T-shirt… I think there is hope in my love because I took the T-shirt. I want to believe… . . . Thank you. This is my friend @takashipom who made only two T-shirts in the world.

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올웨이즈 웨트 보이, #양진범 이 #무라카미다카시 와 협업한 티셔츠를 공개했습니다. 영상: @gagjinbeom

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