Bloke swears by 69p Lidl toothpaste to clean his bathroom lino – and says it's BETTER than bleach

IS THERE anything more thrilling than finding cheap and easy cleaning alternatives that actually work better than more common household cleaners?

Whatever the answer may be, cleaning fanatics will be super impressed by one bloke's hack as the results are far too satisfying to ignore.

Wanting to clean his grubby lino bathroom floors the cleaning fan decided to use toothpaste on the entire area.

He claims that using bleach and regular floor cleaners works for a while, but the floors still end up looking grubby.

The toothpaste however, gets the floors looking new, and there's no scrubbing involved whatsoever.

But he doesn't just use any toothpaste. The bloke uses Lidl's own brand costing a tiny 69p per tube – and it works wonders.

In his post on the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group he said: "If you're wanting/needing to replace your bathroom lino because it is looking dirty constantly despite bleaching, using floor cleaners or even a mix of both then here is a tip for you.

"I bought two tubes of Lidl own brand toothpaste (69p each), smothered my bathroom floor in it, left it for two hours and then mopped it off."

As impressed as other cleaning fans were by the results, many also claimed the very same toothpaste is great for other household cleaning chores.

"It's great for getting fake tan off white toilet seats too," on person said.

And another wrote: "Brilliant on fridges too, hadn't thought to try it on the floor."

Meanwhile, another also suggested using it to get cloudy headlight on your car looking new again.

  • Dentalux Toothpaste, 69p from Lidl – buy here

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