Bride-to-be in tears after dress she ordered online looks NOTHING like the pictures & her wedding is in three weeks

ADMIT it – we all know what it's like to fall in love with something online… only for it to look absolutely nothing like the pictures when it arrives on your doorstep.

But while this is just slightly inconvenient at the best of times, we can only imagine how devastating this must be when it happens with your wedding dress – i.e. the most important piece of clothing you'll probably ever buy.

Unfortunately for one bride-to-be, this is the exact scenario she was faced with three weeks before her big day.

Posting on the Facebook group Girlsmouth, the woman explained how her April wedding had been postponed as a result of the coronavirus crisis.

What's more, the mum-to-be also had to buy a new dress after falling pregnant.

Now that it's harder than ever to book a wedding dress shop appointment, the bride turned to an online store and ordered what she thought would be an elegant sleeveless gown with a long train and bejewelled lace bodice.

And let's just say, it wasn't quite as sophisticated as the bride hoped it would be.

She wrote: "Girls I want to cry."

Sharing photos of the dress on, she continued: "It arrived today. This is what I got Vs what I received."

While the photos on the website show a full-length gown with a long train, the dress the bride was sent didn't even touch the floor and had a cheap sheer overlay.

She added: "I'd like to add it's see-through in person and it ripped as soon as I sat down in it."

As the bride has just three weeks left to find her dress, other members of the group suggested where she could find a new one.

One replied: "Chi chi do lovely bridal dresses."

"If money is tight try your local second hand shops," another added. "One near me has a whole wedding section and there are some lovely expensive dresses for £50."

A third suggested: "Chuck some fake blood and muck on it, rip it some more and you have a zombie bride Halloween costume!"

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