Bride-to-be savaged for selling her ‘hot mess’ lace wedding gown which has massive pads over the boobs

A BRIDE-to-be has been savaged for selling her ‘hot mess’ of a wedding dress, after she became a victim of an online shopping fail. 

The woman splashed out $200 for a frock she saw online, only to have it look nothing like the photo when it turned up. 

The lacy white dress has long sleeves and a full, shapeless skirt which swamps her figure, although it does feature a gorgeous dipped back, 7News reported.

But the front has two giant pads under the boobs, which are less than flattering to say the least. 

Needless to say the bride-to-be is going with a different option for her big day, so she’s trying to flog the ill-fitting frock on Facebook to try and recoup some of her losses. 

Sharing a snap of the frock, complete with its bizarre “boobie pads”, the bride’s pal said: “She bought this wedding dress online, and it’s not exactly what she wanted.”

The post has racked up dozens of hilarious comments, as other people were equally horrified by the design of the dress.

Commenting on the snap, one person said: “I love when people sell this stuff. ‘Wasn’t exactly what she wanted’ – AKA ‘It was hideous and scratchy and she totally regrets ordering it online.’”

Another wrote: “I was all for the back and then the front came along. Oh Lord.”

While a third thought: “I saw the back and thought well that’s not too terrible. Then I saw the front and realised it was a hot mess.”

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