Celebrities Are Swapping Out Their Ugg Boots for the Most Controversial Shoe Again

Ugg season never ends — or does it? 

Okay, we're honestly just being dramatic. Ugg season doesn't ever end. Gigi Hadid was just seen in a pair while holding a $2,599 Ralph Lauren bag. Never forget Joan Smalls wore a pair in 90-degree weather. There was even an Ugg boot shortage. But recently celebrities have been swapping out their Ugg boots for a pair of Birkenstocks. Clearly, there's enough room in this town for two controversial comfort shoes. Naturally, 2021 is the perfect environment for them to thrive. 

The Birkenstocks revival was brought to our attention by Kaia Gerber, who also made us realize we should and can be wearing colorful tinted sunglasses year round. Earlier this week, Gerber wore a classic off-duty model look: a fleece jacket, a Celine bag, and a pair of leggings But upon further inspection, you'd realize she also broke a cardinal fashion rule by wearing a pair of $150 fuzzy Birkenstock sandals from Amazon with black socks. Maybe it's just the fact that she's supermodel royalty with incredible genetics and legs that stretch for miles but regardless, she made Birkenstocks look runway material. 

Birkenstock Men's Arizona Shearling Black

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Charlize Theron wore a bright yellow pair to grocery shop at Trader Joe's. Emma Roberts wore a classic black suede pair every other day at the end of her pregnancy. Ashley Olsen wore the popular boston clog while in her signature incognito dressing in the midst of her divorce. Katie Holmes wore them while twinning with her boyfriend in matching face masks. Reese Witherspoon wore a pair while picking up her kids from school. 

For all the flack they get, Birkenstocks are clearly perfect to wear whenever, wherever, with whatever. They work for any occasion and chances are, no one will expect you to be wearing a pair. Best of all, you can easily buy some for just $100, which is pretty inexpensive for an It item all the celebrities are wearing. 

Considering working from home and not going anywhere will continue to be some of our only two pastimes for the next couple of months, Birkenstocks feel like a purchase we're going to have to make at one point or another. They're easy to slide on and wear around the house — and if you want to wear them out in the snow in New York, you clearly already have a supermodel's approval to go ahead and indulge in a fashion taboo by wearing socks. 

Shop the controversial comfort shoe celebrities can't get enough of below. 

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