Celebrities Join Stella McCartney’s Anti-fur Campaign

LONDON — A slew of celebrities are joining Stella McCartney in her mission to put a stop to global fur farming, starting with a ban in U.K. fur sales.

Building on the momentum of her fall 2021 ‘Our Time Has Come’ campaign — screened across London’s buzzy Piccadilly Circus — McCartney wore a bunny costume and took to Instagram to encourage her audience to sign the Humane Society’s petition to ban fur sales in Britain.

Her father Sir Paul and sister Mary, a celebrated photographer, joined in sharing similar videos on their own platforms. Clad in a navy suit and a giant beige bunny head, Sir Paul, who also makes a cameos in both his daughters’ videos, wrote that “no animal should be worried about losing their fur,” and urged his Twitter followers to sign the petition and help create a “cruelty-free society.”


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Dame Judi Dench disguised as a bird; singer Leona Lewis; actresses Nathalie Emmanuel, Maggie Q, Kat Graham and Rain Phoenix; influencer Aaliyah Ramsey; model Ariish; photographer Megan Winstone, and activists and content creators Jack Harries and Ed Winters all followed suit.

Earlier this month, McCartney also helped staged a guerrilla protest in Central London, dressing supporters in those same bunny costumes and parading “No More Fur” slogans around Piccadilly Circus.

Strong celebrity support and Canada Goose’s much-talked-about decision to go fur free, no later than the end of 2022, has given a major boost to the global anti-fur movement. In the U.K. in particular, the Humane Society’s petition keeps gaining steam and a parliamentary hearing is slated for later this year to consider the ban of fur imports and sales in the country.

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“Stella McCartney’s new campaign and brand is everything the fur trade isn’t — fresh, innovative, sustainable and cruelty-free. So we’re thrilled to be working with her, and to have the support of so many compassionate celebrities, to magnify the message that the age of fur fashion is dead,” said Claire Bass, executive director of Humane Society. “As the U.K. government considers our call for a ban on the import and sale of fur from animals who have suffered overseas, this light-hearted campaign sheds light on a serious subject.”

According to the Humane Society, support from the British public is also strong with 73 percent of Brits being in support of the organization’s proposal to ban fur sales in the country and a further 93 percent being against wearing real fur products.

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