Chinese and Western Zodiac Sign: What is a Taurus Water Dog in astrology?

CHINESE astrology and Western astrology have their own types of zodiac signs to determine personality types and characteristics.

The Taurus Water Dog applies to those born in 1982 between the April and May months.

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Characteristics of the Male Taurus Water Dog

Picture an adorable, loyal pup, panting breathlessly, awaiting its next instruction with a twinkle in its eye – that's this boy.

Very close to being the "nicest" living character that exists – in fact, he probably is.

He may be a Taurean, but he's really a mildly docile, loveable man – whose life probably revolves around the family.

A creative man, too. There aren't enough positive adjectives in the English vocabulary to describe the inherent loveliness of this man.

There is not an iota of malice here, not a negative sinew – he's honest, loyal, kind, giving, generous, helpful. In fact, forget all that – he's beautiful. If the world was full of Taurean Water Dogs, it might just be what we imagine heaven to be like.

Most Water Dogs are inquisitive souls and like to go off and explore, and be bad and naughty and misbehave. But not this docile pup. If he gets past the front gate it'll be a miracle.

Hearth and home is where this boy's heart lies. If he could live with his family, work with his family 24/7 he'd be in his own little heavenly space.

He is truly as utterly uncomplicated as men get.

Feed him, water him, provide him with a human-sized cosy kennel of a night, and he'll pant breathlessly with doggy gratitude. A sweet soul.

Characteristics of the Female Taurus Water Dog

The family is everything to this girl – and if this girl isn't creative there's something wrong with the world. She's a little complex, though.

The Taurus side of her is very strong – but the Water Dog is such a gentle soul that here you'll have someone who will happily dish it out but capitulates in an instant when it's returned with interest.

Some Taurean girls can be just a little too pushy for their own good. Not this one, she's lovely – a seductive social cat who takes life in her stride, avoids the stresses that life throws at us on a daily basis, and charms all those that encounter her.

A natural mother, too – and it's really creative pursuits and motherhood that will dictate this one's life.

A daily trawl on the London Underground would offend her greatly, in fact it would drain every last morsel of life from her soul.

She needs to get on a different train and decamp to the country and stay there, because that is her calling. She is a country girl top to toe. Everything about her screams country, community, nature, family.

So if she is a singleton living in Bermondsey and going clubbing six nights a week, we're dealing with one of the most deluded pups on planet Earth.

She know what she wants – a soulmate, a homestead, 24 kids and a pet for everyone. You really can't underestimate the natural, nurturing qualities of this girl.

Yes, she'll play, yes, she'll have her "naughty" phase – all Water Dogs do – but she won't be able to resist that calling for long. A yummy mummy in the making.

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