Chinese lesbian couple are absolutely killing the street fashion scene

If you follow any street fashion pages on TikTok or Instagram, you’ll know that Chinese people are absolutely slaying the fashion game right now.

Popular streetwear accounts often document the drip (that’s slang for swag which is slang for cool sartorial choices) and recently there’s been a wave of appreciation for those who are dressed to the nines.

One lesbian couple who were spotted serving looks went viral for their constant dedication to the fashion ensemble.

Yanwen Zhang and her girlfriend Jiayu Wu went viral on Twitter last week after a person shared a TikTok video of the couple’s looks for the week.

Yanwen, a 25-year-old model living in the city of Chengdu in Sichuan, China, met Jiayu while judging a modelling competition.

Bonded by their love of fashion, the two fell in love.

Now, whenever they walk down the city centre – where many amateur and professional photographers often capture decked-out passersby – cameras are always on the couple.

— Leonardo Dicarprio bm🐻 (@VIRGOTH0T) July 12, 2020

Online, Yanwen goes by Ergoo and shares plenty of tips while explaining the choices behind her looks.

Despite dressing up in different styles every day, alternating between shoes and accessories, Yanwen says it doesn’t take her long to pull it all together.

She tells ‘It won’t take us a long time to choose, and I am the one who has more ideas between us, so I just follow my mind.

‘My mum inspires me to dress the way I do. She is an elegant woman who has real taste and she inspires me a lot.

‘Besides that, I’m always inspired by the different cultures between the East and the West.’

Since the viral post of Yanwen and Jiayu, the couple has been inundated with questions about their lives.

For the most part, Yanwen is used to the attention.

She added: ‘I’ve been a model and blogger for years so I know that one day more people will know me because of my ideas and feelings about fashion.

‘And of course, I’m so blessed and thankful for the support.’

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