Cleaning fan reveals how to get towels fluffy WITHOUT fabric softener – using baking soda

A CLEANING fan has revealed how to get towels fluffy WITHOUT fabric softener – and all you need is baking soda.

Influencer A Clean Bee shared the nifty hack on TikTok, which has been seen nearly 20,000 times, and it doesn't require much effort at all.

In a video captioned 'How to make bath towels soft again without fabric softener!', cleanfluencer Kait said: "If you have bath towels that are feeling a little bit crunchy not so soft anymore. Here's a laundry trick that might be worth trying."

The American social media star then said to grab your baking soda and add about one cup to every four litres of hot water in your bath.

After filling up your tub with the mixture, she said to grab the towels you want to focus on and place them in the bath for minimum an hour, if possible overnight.

"Grab baking soda and head to your bathtub," she shared. "Fill it up with hot water and add about a one cup of baking soda for every gallon (nearly four litres) of hot water in this tub.

"Next grab your dingy towels and toss them into that water mixture for an hour – up to overnight."

Once your towels are nicely marinated in the natural detergent, Kait instructed to put your towels into a regular load of washing, – without fabric softener of course – and said they should be good as new in no time.

She concluded: "After soaking add your towels to a regular load of laundry and afterwards they should be in much better shape."

At the end of the video, Kait also explained why you should refrain from using fabric softener, revealing that the liquid makes towels less absorbent.

"Never ever use fabric softener when you're washing towels," she said. "Fabric softener will leave a coating on the exterior fabric and that will make the fabrics less absorbent.

"So with towels, it will render them ineffective".

The video has been a hit with her online following since she shared it in January and many added that you could add vinegar to your top loading washing machine after the soak to really get them soft.

"I have a front loader and add vinegar to prewash and super washing soda to tub," one follower shared. "Wash in hot water with extra rinse. Def no dryer sheets either" (sic).

Another posted: "Great tip. Been doing this for a while and it works. Amazing how fab softener ads make this look like the normal thing to do."

"You are amazing, making my life so easy," a third wrote. "Thank you. Keep shining!"

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