Cleaning fanatic tells people to open up their tumble dryers after finding mountains of (very dry) CASH inside hers

IF you’ve treated yourself to a new tumble dryer in the Black Friday sales – don’t throw out your old one just yet. 

Everyone knows the joy of finding a soggy tenner left in the pockets of some old jeans, but it turns out there could be even more cash hiding in your appliance. 

One mum shared the mountains of cash which greeted her when she unscrewed her dryer which was getting chucked. 

She showed off her floor covered with balls of lint, loose change, pens, bits of rubbish and numerous rolled notes – from all the spinning. 

And luckily these notes are not only clean, but they’re crisp and dry too.

The mum shared a snap of her treasures to Facebook, saying: “Before you throw them Non working dryers out, You might want to get a screw driver and open them up.”

Her post has been shared more than 29,000 times, with one person saying: “Hey that was my old dryer.”

Another wrote: “Food for thought…”

A third said: “I need those money.”

While this person added: “Money… money.”

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