Cleaning fans share their best bathroom hacks, from using GRAPEFRUIT to clean the tub and a 1p to tackle limescale

THE internet is littered with cleaning hacks and it can be hard keeping track of which truly shine – pun intended.

However, the proof is in the picture or the video in this case.

TikTok users have been sharing their amazing bathroom cleaning hacks, showcasing amazing results with budget products.

From using a grapefruit to scrub the toilet to using a 1p piece to budge stubborn limescale, these cleaning enthusiasts have showcased amazing results on the cheap.

Here we share the inexpensive tips that will get every inch of your bathroom – even your toothbrush- sparkling…

Do a grape job

TikTok user aligrams3 shared the hack on her account, revealing all you will need is a grapefruit and some sugar to get your bath clean.

She begins by taking a piece of grapefruit and sprinkling sugar on the fleshy side of the fruit.

The mum then begins scrubbing away at the inside of the bath, adding “the acidity helps remove the soap scum!”

Captioning her video, she adds: “My favorite part is the smell! Makes ur bathroom smell so good afterwards!”

Spend a penny

Posting on her TikTok channel, Mrs Hinch fan Kirsty Kearney shared a photo of the state of her brass taps when she moved into her new home.

Where the previous owner had neglected to clean it thoroughly, the tap was covered in a thick layer of blackened limescale.

Kirsty said: "They are awful. Embarrassingly awful.

"I tried all the different lotions and potions and all the different chemicals and I thought they were beyond saving."

In a last ditch attempt to salvage the tap, Kirsty decided to give the 2p trick a go – and was amazed by the results.

She explained: "Tonight however, I thought I'd give the magic 2p trick. BOOM."

Posting a clip of her sparkling clean brass tap, Kirsty revealed how she was able to chip away at the grotty limescale with a 1p coin (yes, 1ps work too).

And the best part is, she didn't need to use a single product to achieve the amazing results.

Soak opera

In a post on TikTok, a nurse called Lauren took viewers through how she stripped washes her towels to guarantee their cleanliness.

The technique, which gets fabrics fresher than the washing machine, involves soaking laundry in a bath full of hot water, bicarbonate of soda, Borax and detergent.

After filling up her tub, the social media user added the three products.

Finally, she threw in a selection of towels and advised those watching to "stir those suckers up".

After just ten minutes, the water was also super dirty – but Lauren left the towels in, and continued to stir them every couple of hours.

Once seven hours had passed, the water had reached a horrifying brown shade.

She told viewers that it was all "build-up" accumulated on the towels over time.

To finish off, those watching were instructed to re-wash the towels in the washing machine to give them a final spin out.

Soft touch

TikTok user Amelia Mandeville has come to cleaning fanatics' aid and shared a clever hack to have your toilet bowl looking and smelling fresh in the interim.

Her secret? A cup of fabric softener.

Sharing the hack online, Amelia fills up a mug with Comfort fabric softener, although any brand will do, and pours the liquid into the tank of her toilet.

Coming back to the toilet a few minutes later, she raves that "it smells so good" because the water in the tank – which contains the fabric softener – flushes into the bowl.

Splash back

They are rarely washed but it is important to clean your shower curtain every now and then.

User @hann371 shared her hack for cleaning the curtain after her own was stained yellow from the use of shampoo and hair dye.

She recommends pouring a whole bottle of bleach into a bathtub before leaving your curtain to soak.

Rinse off your shower curtain well and it will look as good as new.

Brush up

Dr Suhail Mohiuddin says that you should be cleaning your toothbrush as well as your teeth.

He recommends cleaning your brush with soap and water everyday to avoid a build up of bacteria and viruses.

You should follow this up by soaking it in a cup of mouthwash and then rinsing it before use.

In other cleaning news, this video reveals exactly how dirty your clean clothes are.

And this mum's cleaning hack means that you will never have to deep clean your shower.

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