Dad builds DIY sandpit for his kids and it's perfect for when you can't go to the beach during lockdown

THIS dad built an amazing DIY sandpit for his kids during lockdown – and he only paid for the sand.

He showed off his kids' new play area on Facebook, which is ideal for those who can't get to the beach during lockdown.

The clever creation was built using leftover pallets – with dad adding steps and his daughter's pink toy slide.

It's perfect for the bank holiday weekend, as Britain sizzles in a mini heatwave.

Posting on the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group last night, the dad said: "Had some left over pallets and built the kids a giant sand pit.

"The only cost was the sand £35 from wickes. And Yes we have a lid for it. Kids have been in it all day."

The sandpit has also been painted grey, with blue paint inside to create a beach-like atmosphere.

The post was an instant hit, racking up 3,800 likes in a few short hours.

It was also inundated with hundreds of comments, with many saying they wanted to try it at home.

Parents wrote: "Fab idea love it" and "Need to do this for a pool instead of a sand pit, huge well done".

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