DIY fan reveals clever way to paint your ceilings if you're 'too lazy' to cover up all your furniture | The Sun

A DIY fan has revealed how to paint ceilings without creating mess all over the floor and your furniture.

The woman, called Karlin, shared in a TikTok video her top tip if you're "too lazy" to cover everything up.

In the post, the decorating whizz said: "If you need to paint a ceiling but are too lazy to cover all the furniture, then I have a hack for you."

She proceeded to show how she had attached a plastic paint tray liner beneath the roller to catch any drips of white paint as she coated the ceiling.

Karlin explained: "All you need to do is take your liner and poke a little hole, slide it into the pole and then duct tape it real classy."

She added: "Look how well this is working – it's not dripping on my head, it's dripping on the tray."


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The tip was popular with social media users, who left more than 17,000 'likes' and over a hundred messages.

One person wrote: "This is genius why did I never think of this."

Another commented: "Omg you’re amazing."

A third shared: "That's genius."

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She used duct tape to secure the pole in placeCredit: TikTok/karlinsummer
TikTok users were impressed by the simple tipCredit: TikTok/karlinsummer

And a fourth added: "Patent and market this ma’am."

One person questioned how easy it was to dip the roller in more paint without creating extra mess.

They noted: "Great til you need to dip your roller for more paint."

She replied: "It’s far enough up the pole that you can access the paint easily!"

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