DIY tips that will add thousands to your home for virtually nothing

EXPERTS have revealed the minor improvements you can make to your home which could see thousands added to the value of your property.

Simple DIY projects such as tackling the garden or sprucing up the front door can boost your asking price, with some renovations not costing a penny. 

Experts from MyToolShed have shared their top tips for anyone looking to sell their house, starting with the first thing a buyer sees – the garden.

They said: “A great place to start is actually outside rather than in.

“Outdoor space could add as much as £5,000 to your property’s value.”

You don’t need to spend anything to give your garden a makeover, just do some hard graft. 

Gardening experts McGregor and estate agent shared their top five tips for whipping your yard into shape, and you’ll need your lawnmower. 

Top five tips to spruce up your garden

1. Mow Grass – “An overgrown lawn is a huge turn-off for potential buyers.”

2. Colourful Plants – “A bright, well-kept flower bed grabs attention."

3. Trim The Hedges And Shrubbery – “Kept neatly, they can boost kerb appeal massively and are currently more on-trend than fences and walls.”

4. Clean The Patio And / Or Pathway – “A freshly washed pathway can make a property look brand new.”

5. Pull Up Weeds – "Key for any garden’s flowers to bloom.” 

Another area to think about tackling in the garden is trees, if you have any. 

While it may seem like a daunting task, keeping branches looking tidy could add £1,670 onto the value of your home, according to the 2018 Remodelling Impact Report from the National Association of Realtors. 

MyToolshed said: “If you can do this yourself, and have the right tools to do so, you can gain a lot of money with zero outgoings!”

Another thing people first notice when entering your home is your front door, which could put people off if it’s looking worse for wear. 

You have to get buyers through the front door, which means you need to have the outside as spick and span as possible

Simple updates such as a new doorknob, around £35, a new letter box, around £25, and a shiny new house number, also around £25, can give a welcoming impression. 

The research said: “Couple this with a fresh coat of paint and you can immediately give your home a fresh and updated look.

"When picking a colour for your front door the best option according to Zillow’s 2019 Design Forecast, is black or charcoal grey, as homes with this coloured front doors sold for (£5,241) more than expected."

Kitchens and bathrooms are arguably some of the most important spaces in a house – and usually the most expensive to redo. 

But the experts said changing small fixtures can add up to a big benefit. 

They said: “Bathroom features are surprisingly cheap, you can get yourself a set of new taps (£20), a heated chrome towel rail (£50), a big new shower head (£20) all for under £100 and according to NetHousePrices, new features like this can add 2.88% (£7,000) onto your house’s value.”

And now turning to the other important space – the kitchen – the experts shared a tip “that you wouldn’t expect to work but does”, according to Zillow.

Kitchens which have different coloured cabinets – where the higher ones are one shade and the lower ones another – can add as much as £1,286.61 to your home. 

You can either buy new doors, for around £60, or paint them yourself. 

Colour is also important on the walls, with Mytoolshed saying: “You can actually increase the value of your property just by picking the right colours for a particular room.”

Zillow found certain colours can add more value than others, with light blue bathrooms worth £2,323.29, and living rooms in light taupe can add £2,329.12, with paint around £16 a tub. 

Making sure the outside has a good paint job is important too, with a nicely presented exterior estimated to add as much as £5,000 to your property.

Property expert, Phil Spencer from Location, Location, Location, revealed: “You have to get buyers through the front door, which means you need to have the outside as spick and span as possible (which could add £5,000)."

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