Doctor reveals how to forget annoying songs that are stuck in your head in seconds – and all you need is chewing gum

IF we were to name five of the most annoying things that happen on a regular basis, getting a tune stuck in your head for hours is certainly one of them – particularly when it's a bad one.

But as it turns out, there's a simple way to forget a dreaded song, according to a doctor, who revealed chewing gum will get the job done in seconds.

Australian scientist Dr Karl Kruszelnicki says the phenomenon, known as earworms, affects 92 per cent of all adults, and in some cases can leave someone with the same song "stuck in their head" for days.

Dr Karl, who has degrees in medicine and biomedical engineering, said chewing gum is the quickest and simplest way to distract your brain, and make it forget the song that you've hearing.

"For some unknown reason the same pathways in your brain that are used for programming your repeated jaw movement are also used for replaying music in your mind," he explained.

The scientist was faced with the question after a caller phoned in during his segment on an Australian radio station.

The woman complained about having Lady Gaga's song 'Bad Romance' stuck in her head, according to Mail Online, which Dr Karl said is one of the world's most successful earworms.

He explained that our brains are "pre wired to embrace music" and that it's an annoying habit most people contend with at some point.

The scientist also explained other methods that could solve the problem when it arises, including "rinsing the brain" of the song by playing it over again.

Alternatively, you could go completely cold turkey and not listen to it at all. 

Other tactics to get rid of earworms include reading to yourself, listening to a different song or playing an instrument, he said.

This is because they also use the same section of the brain – distracting it from the song loop. 

The caller phoned back ten minutes later and revealed that the chewing gum hack had worked wonders, but now the doctor's version of the same song had replaced it after he burst out in song on air.

Dr Karl went on to explain more about earworms and said they have several characteristics.

They are usually songs from your culture, they're faster than regular songs, they have a certain degree of repetition and often have "unusual features".

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