Ellen DeGeneres Honors Essential Workers With Nurse Superhero Halloween Costume — Watch

Once again, Ellen DeGeneres crushed Halloween. She dressed up as a nurse superhero to celebrate the men and women who worked tirelessly on the front lines of COVID-19 this year.

Year after year, Ellen DeGeneres leaves her audience and viewers in fits of laughter when she dresses up for Halloween. Things at her talk show looked a bit different in 2020 due to the coronavirus, but Ellen still went all-out with her look. With everything going on in the world, nurses were the unsung heroes of 2020, and Ellen honored that by dressing as a superhero nurse for the holiday.

“I’m dressed as my favorite superhero. I’m a nurse,” Ellen explained. “I think all nurses are superheroes. Their super power is going 48 hours with no sleep. Now, more than ever, we are realizing who the true superheroes are — people like nurses, teachers. They’re all essential workers. They’re true celebrities.”

This epic 2020 look comes after a string of other amazing costumes from Ellen. In 2019, she had Cardi B as a guest on her show for Halloween. So, it was only fitting that she donned a Cardi inspired costume! Ellen decided to dress as Cardi E, with the ‘E’ standing for Ellen, of course. The inspiration behind her look was Cardi’s character in the movie Hustlers, and was complete with a massive chest, fishnet stockings and long blonde wig.

In 2018, she spoofed The Bachelor by dressing as a made up contestant from the show. Her name was ‘Kelllly D.,’ and she showed up in a gorgeous, sequined gown, with long blonde hair. Milo Ventimiglia, from This Is Us, was the talk show’s Halloween guest that year, and he played the Bachelor in Ellen’s skit. Nick Viall made a guest appearance, as well. Unfortunately, Kelllly D. was dumped by Milo, who ended the spoof with Rebel Wilson instead. Hilarious!

For her 2017 costume, Ellen brought back her famous alter ego, Karla Kardashian — otherwise known as the “lesser known Kardashian sister.” Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner were on-hand to reunite with their ‘sis.’ At the time, Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian were pregnant, while Kim Kardashian was expecting her third child via surrogacy, and Karla made sure to also have a baby bump so she could be part of the baby fun. Ellen truly outdoes herself every year!

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