Exactly What Penelope Cruz Does To Make 46 Look Like 30

You probably know the 46-year-old actress Penelope Cruz from her iconic roles in movies like Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Vanilla Sky and, yes, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. That said, she’s *also* pretty much known for her fabulous skin and knack for all things glam: Cruz has been the face of the French brand Lancôme for years, she loves a red carpet moment, and you can find her regularly sharing allll of her fav looks on Instagram. Wondering how she’s maintained such a glowing, photograph-worthy complexion over the years? Here’s a hint: It includes one veeery specific serum, cutting out a few pesky habits, and years of practice. Keep reading for six beauty tips Penelope Cruz always follows (including ones you can incorporate into your own routine, too).

1. She’s obsessed with this serum

As you might imagine, Cruz has an abundance of Lancôme makeup and skincare at her disposal because of her status as the brand’s ambassador. And while she’s openly expressed her love for so many of the products (like the Multi-Action Eye Cream and Bendable Liquid Eyeliner), Cruz’s favorite by far is the Advanced Genifique Youth Activating Serum, according to an interview with Instyle. The serum is definitely on the pricey side (it’s a little under $180 per bottle), but it’s been named a cult-favorite by beauty lovers everywhere. The serum’s key ingredient is bifidus extract, which helps protect the skin’s barrier and in turn keeps your skin smooth and glowy.

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2. She preps her skin with sheet masks

Behind any red carpet makeup look is looots of time for skincare and face prep. Cruz worked with celebrity makeup artist Hung Vanngo for the 2020 Oscars to make sure her skin was as plump and hydrated as possible before applying any kind of makeup to her look. According to Vanngo’s Instagram post, Cruz’s entire routine started with the Lancome Renergie Lift Multi-Action Ultra Sheet Mask. A major bonus? It’s *only $15*. So yeah, be sure to add this one and all the other sheet masks you desire to your shopping cart ASAP.


3. Beauty runs in the family

Some people are just lucky enough to have beauty knowledge in their genes, and Cruz is one of them. Her family owned their own beauty salon in Spain, so it’s safe to say that she’s been absorbing all kinds of hair, makeup, and skincare tricks for basically her entire life. “I saw how the women were when they walked in, and then I saw how they were when they walked out,” said Cruz in an interview with Vogue UK. “New hair or nails or make-up would make them walk taller, carry themselves better, feel prouder. It’s very empowering.” She also told Instyle that she learned a few skills of her own, and that she probably could’ve had a “second profession as a hair stylist.” Very convenient for #stayinginside life.

4. Cruz totally quit smoking and drinking

Cruz is big on taking care of herself from the inside out. In an interview with Vogue UK, she said that she used to smoke seven to eight cigarettes per day. Once she stopped for a bit, she really saw a difference in her skin and finally quit for good. She also refrains from drinking alcohol if she can and, according to an interview with InStyle, her diet consists of lots of fruits, vegetables, and quality protein. “I try to avoid dairy and sugar, and I can’t eat gluten because I have a big intolerance,” she said. “I also drink gallons of water now, which is something I wasn’t doing.” *Adds massive water bottle to shopping cart*


5. She looks her best when she’s calm

Like most people, stress can really make Cruz feel kind of meh. That said, InStyle asked Cruz about when she feels most beautiful and she answered with the following: “When I’m serene, relaxed, and present and I’m able to have gratitude for all that I have. That’s when beauty can be there. Otherwise, it doesn’t matter what my hair looks like or what makeup I put on.” So yeah, if you needed an excuse to go take a break for some self-care, you have the actress’ full support.

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