Face mask chains are the hottest accessory to come out of 2020

This year has brought with it a new wave of fashion and accessory trends – some off the back of the pandemic, others totally unrelated.

We’ve seen a return of roller blades in 2020 and, despite Wimbledon not taking place, there’s been a real thirst for tennis skirts. 

We all know face masks have become a wardrobe essential this year, too, but it looks like there’s a new way to accessorise them.

People are adding chains to their face masks to give them a little extra finesse.

Much like the chains which used to hold your teacher’s glasses onto their neck at school, these give off a similar aesthetic. 

They’re also practical for keeping a mask close to your face – so you don’t have to reach into your pocket or bag every time you enter a shop. These chains essentially prevent face masks getting misplaced.

It’s worth pointing out the chains do not hold a mask on (please don’t cut mask straps off, as they are essential!), they are simply clipped to the side of a mask to accessorise it a little. No safety is sacrificed in the process.

The chain also makes it practical to rest the mask on your chest when it’s not in use.

Face mask chains come in all kinds of styles from simple metal to stylish peal and beaded varieties.

Currently, there are a whole host of different brands offering them such as ASOS, Thomas Sabo and Amazon, as well as a selection of sellers on Etsy – so there’s something for everyone.

Of course, you’ll need a super cute face mask to go with it and there are plenty on the market at the moment.

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