Grandma’s 40-year trick to help someone fall asleep… and it works practically every time | The Sun

HAVING trouble drifting off? Well this trick might be just the thing go need.

A woman explained exactly what to do, and noted that her granny used to do the exact same thing when she was a little girl.

Posting on TikTok, she said: "I have a trick to help you fall asleep.

"When I was a little kid and I couldn't sleep my grandma would make a pizza on my back."

She demonstrated how to make the imaginary pizza on her husband, who couldn't fall asleep.

So, you'll want to lay on your stomach and get someone else to make the pizza asyou relax.


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"The first step is to knead out all the dough really good," Lilianna said.

She gently massaged her husband's back like she was preparing the base of the pizza.

Then, she gently rubbed her hand over the area to "spread out the sauce."

After the sauce it's time for cheese – Lilianna lightly tapped the tips of her fingers on her husband's back as if she was sprinkling out parmesan and mozzarella.

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The massage continued with her lightly slapping her hands on his back to mimic laying the pepperoni, and other vegetables.

"Then you're gonna cook the pizza at 450 degrees," she said.

To do this, Lilianna blew on her husband's back.

"When the pizza is ready you take it out and slice it up, and now you are ready to fall asleep.

"So next time you can't go to bed just have somebody make a pizza on your back," she said.

After sharing her hack on TikTok, other people said their parents used to do the same thing.

"My mum used to do this but she'd make a burrito, brings back so many memories," one said.

And a second commented: "My grandma used to plant a field on my back."

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