Halloween Makeup Ideas, From ‘Euphoria’ to ‘Twilight’

It should come as no surprise that Halloween will look a bit different this year, but one normal morsel you can count on is that Party City is probably fresh out of cat ears by now. If you’ve left your costume to the last minute, do not fret.

Pretending we aren’t ourselves, even for just a few fleeting hours, can be an essential form of escapism, especially in a year like this. For one night, as we visit drive-through haunted attractions, trick-or-treat from a social distance or cozy up at home with a horror flick, maybe our faces can tell a different story than the one already unfolding.

So while these looks might work best for cosmetics connoisseurs, go ahead and try your hand at a full beat (that means a flawless face of makeup, for those of you who don’t spend hours on beauty YouTube), eat a bunch of Reese’s and howl at the moon tonight. It just might help you feel better.

How to Become a Ghost

At minimum, you’ll need: light foundation and eye shadow.

Why cut holes in perfectly good bedsheets when you can haunt people’s dreams by just contouring in a lighter shade? Here, @gabxxrielle shows us how to create a look that can be achieved, and even simplified, with a pale foundation and some black, red and white eye shadow.

How to Look Spooky

At minimum, you’ll need: A contour stick or palette and black eyeliner.

For those who feel like the year 2020 has been terrifying enough and want a look that’s only subtly spooky, @sonjdradeluxe can help. Not only does this creator toe the line between scary and stunning application — she also shares educational and technical tidbits about everyday makeup application. The look below is for expert makeup users, so if you are just starting out, take some contouring tips from her but be wary with the rest. A cat-eye this sharp is hard to achieve.

How to Channel Your Inner ‘Euphoria’ Teen

At minimum, you’ll need: glitter, lash glue and a hot glue gun.

Feeling emotionally unstable? There’s no better way to channel that energy than through the characters of “Euphoria.” The creator @cutcreaser effortlessly fuses shimmer and sadness in this look. Her makeup isn’t meant to be clean and precise, so it’s great for beginners.

How to Go Full Vampire

At minimum, you’ll need: red eye shadow and red lipstick.

Although this look is not an explicit nod to the “Twilight” series, anything vampire-related invites comparisons to Edward Cullen and his sparkling, bloodthirsty family. This tutorial from the influencer @strashme uses drugstore products that are easily accessible and affordable but does involve a bit of technical skill and patience.

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