Here’s how to use Vaseline, dry shampoo and a nail file to instantly make wearing heels less painful

WHILE they might look great, we all know that heels can cut a night short the moment they start to rub.

But luckily fashion influencer Hadia Ghaleb has shared her three very simple tips to stop your stilettos from pinching.

The Dubai-based influencer shared her hacks on her TikTok account, using household objects to stop the throb that comes with high-heels.

Dry shampoo

Hadia can be seen spraying the insoles of her heels liberally with dry shampoo.

She says that doing so will help to avoid slippery feet while helping with odour.

Nail file

She can then be seen using a basic nail file on the soles of the shoes, rubbing all over where the ball of the foot will sit.

Hadia says that doing this stops heels from becoming slippery when you hit the dance floor.


Hadia says that you should turn to humble vaseline if your shoes begin to pinch.

Just apply liberally to the area of your foot where the shoes is causing pain to immediately make a more comfortable fit.

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