Horrified bride buys her dream wedding dress online… but the £60 gown looks VERY different when it turns up

A BRIDE-to-be was horrified when her dream dress arrived but it looked nothing like what she ordered – claiming her ‘wedding was ruined’. 

Meaghan Taylor, 23, bought the second-hand dress for just £60 on Wish, which was advertised as a flowing gown with a large skirt, a V-shaped neckline and lace sleeves. 

But Meaghan, from Canada, wasn’t prepared for the frock she unwrapped, which barely fit her and rode up when she tried it on. 

The mum-of-one, who’s planning on walking down the aisle to marry fiancé Keith, 30, next year ,shared a snap of herself on Facebook wearing the creation, which was described online as a ‘white lace wedding mermaid dress’.

She said: “I was blown away by what I received.

“It looked nothing like the photo when I ordered it.

“I was pretty heartbroken, but I couldn’t help but laugh.”

After receiving the shambolic dress, she immediately requested a refund from Wish, but says the seller refused. 

Meaghan added: “I did ask for my money back.

“But they had told me I needed the original packaging and the box it had come in, which I didn’t keep.”

The mum stood her ground and demanded a refund, saying: “I then proceeded to tell them that this ruined my wedding as I was expecting the dress in the photo.

“And they finally returned my money.”

Meaghan, mum to three-year-old Bryce, says she’s planning on tying the knot when Covid restrictions are eased. 

She said: “We hope to get married once the Covid restrictions are lifted, next summer is our plan.”

Sharing the snap online, Meaghan wrote: “On another episode of what we ordered and what we actually got.

“My face tells exactly how I’m feeling.”

After getting her money back Meaghan says she was able to see the funny side, adding: “It was too funny not to post.

“I’m sure a lot of people will get a kick out of it.

“I’m glad it made everyone else’s day just like it did mine.”

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