How to make your dry towels soft again with just three ingredients, expert reveals

EVER gotten out of a lovely bath or shower only to wrap yourself in a scratchy towel?

Well, with this mums clever hack that could be a sensation of the past as she shares her trick to fluffy towels every time.

Carolina McCauley, a mum-of-two from Perth, Australia, uses her own mixture of laundry detergent, white vinegar and baking soda to keep her towels fresh, bouncy and soft to touch.

Her first rule is to wash towels separately from other items and advises others to 'go easy on the laundry detergent'. 

She adds half a cup of baking soda to the barrel of the washing machine.


The busy mum chooses to use white vinegar instead of fabric softener in the drawers of the washing machine as this helps to create the fluffy texture.

White vinegar softens fabrics without using harsh chemicals which could be dangerous around kids.

To complete the delicate process she washes the towel on a medium heat – she puts them on 40c- in the washing machine.

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She then does the same whenever she has a load of towels she needs to wash.

Carolina's tried and tested method has proven to soften previously scratchy towels almost instantly.

Some viewers couldn't help but notice a problem with Carolina's fluffy towel method as one commented: "The white vinegar neutralises the soda."

But then another user agreed with her natural method and better replacements, saying: "Yeah you should never use fabric softener on your towels."

Her video has racked up nearly 70k views in just four days.

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