I asked strangers to pay for my breast reduction, after my 36M chest caused such severe back pain I blacked out

AN NHS worker has asked strangers to help pay for their breast reduction after their M-cup chest left them with crippling spinal problems.

Bob Leak, 25, who is non-binary, is crowd funding for surgery on their 36M chest after being diagnosed with degenerative scoliosis.

The condition, which causes Bob’s spine to twist to one side of their back, became so unbearable that it caused them to pass out from the pain.

But despite the crippling pain, Bob, from Liverpool, was unable to get breast surgery on the NHS, and so set up a GoFundMe page to pay for it themself.

Pleading with strangers to donate, Bob writes on their GoFundMe page: “I currently suffer from countless medical problems associated with the size of my breasts, ranging from severe back issues and scoliosis, which give me such searing pains that I black out and am unable to move from the floor.

“I also experience heat rashes that give me incredible amounts of discomfort and make the summer months especially intolerable.”

Bob says that the size of their breasts has also impacted them financially.

“The impact that these debilitating back problems have had on my ability to work is exceedingly restricting, especially financially.

“This coupled with the cost of purchasing size 36M bras, currently the largest size available through a specialist retailer before I am forced to commission them, has made it difficult for me to accumulate savings and function day to day.”

Bob explains that the size of their breasts means they have been left unable to exercise which in turn has had a detrimental effect on their mental health.

The NHS clerk also revealed that they suffer unwanted sexual attention because of the size of their breasts through their YouTube channel.

Speaking to the Metro they explain: “My analytics show that the majority of my views come from a site called “titsintops” that’s just people leaving overly sexual comments about any videos with my chest in frame.

“Several of my videos have been reposted on porn sites despite them just being me performing poetry for example.”

They are hoping to raise a grand total of £7,000 in order to front the cost of the deposit for a consultation as well as the surgery.

Bob has received almost £2,700 worth of donations so far.

To donate to Bob’s GoFundMe page click here.

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