I bought a house from major DIY-ers and it’s awful – I can even take bricks out of the wall | The Sun

A WOMAN who recently bought a house has been left unimpressed by the renovations the previous DIY-enthusiast owners made. 

DIY is all the rage recently with many people taking to social media platform TikTok to share their nifty hacks on everything from how to test colours without painting your wall to how to transform your bathroom for just £15. 

But they’re not always the best when it comes to long-term use and one woman, Breanna Fletcher, experienced first-hand how DIY projects can go wrong over time. 

Taking to her own account, @brefletch3 first share a short clip of the fireplace in her new home, which appeared to be laid with false brick stones. 

“Things in our new house that was previously owned by major DIY-ers that just make sense,” she wrote with a face palm emoji, cementing the sarcasm from her statement. 

She then pulled one of the stone pieces out to indicate how the previous owners may have just used glue to keep them stuck to the wall. 

The woman then showed a “concrete, epoxy covered bathroom counter” – where the two substances didn’t appear to mesh well together. 

Staying in the bathroom, she then opened one of the top drawers under the sink only to find that part of the bottom had been completely cut out, making it “non functional”. 

“And more concrete countertops in the kitchen,” [sic] she continued as she showed off what the DIY-ers had done in the TikTok video.

Walking past several hanging light bulbs, she then revealed an “open junction box hiding behind the beam”. 

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Moving to a panelling job by one of her doors, she then reached out one of her hands and could pull part of it clean out. 

“Part of the wall you can just pull off,” she shared. 

Breanna went on to show the “cheap particle board shelf” the previous owners had built into the wall. 

She also showed how some of the screws placed into wooden shelves hadn’t been covered properly and a shoe rack had been created in a makeshift way. 

Ending the video on a funny note, she showed a man walking across the room before bumping his head on a hanging light fixture.

“And that’s just the half of it,” she wrote in the caption. 

Viewers rushed to the comments section of the post to share their thoughts on the video, with some agreeing with her assessment while others argued in favour of the DIY-ers. 

“Damn it just kept going,” one person said, clearly seeing the humour behind the clip.

“How did it pass inspection?” another questioned, as a third shared: “LOL! We bought a DIY guy’s house almost 11 years ago. Still fixing things as we notice them,” with a laughing emoji. 

But others defended the DIY-ers as one person shared: “Good for them trying to make their house a home”. 

Another said: “In reality it’s not even that bad”.

A third said: “it could be worse … much worse. I think it’s nice they tried to make their home better with the things they had”. 

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“I’m all for it. These are diyers that diy’d for themselves, not to flip the house. I bet they loved it and now you can put your own mark!” [sic] another said. 

Breanne replied: “Exactly!! See you get it. We’ve only been here 2 months it’s a work in progress.” 

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