I flew 24 hours from Australia to UK for a man – day 2 we had a huge row & I knew he wasn't the one, it cost thousands

A SINGLE woman has revealed she once flew the 10,555 miles from Australia to London for a bloke she thought was ‘the one’ – only to row with him on the second day and come back. 

So in just four days Jana Hocking flew 2,1110 miles for the unnamed man – likely spending thousands of pounds with average flights to Australia costing around £1,3000. 

Jana, who has previously said men should always pay bills on a first date, told news.com.au “I flew to London once for an ex-boyfriend who had moved over there.”

But she perhaps should have known they weren’t meant to be – having already split up once.

“I said to him, ‘I never want to talk to you again, don’t talk to me’ and then of course after a year we started talking again,” she explained.

Jana and her ex decided to see if they could work things out, so she booked a two-week trip to London.

“I was going to move my whole life over there,” she said.

“Flew the whole way there, by the second night we were in a massive, giant fight and I just remembered, ‘Oh yeah, you’re a massive douchebag,’ and then had to fly the whole way home.”

The flight home was a memorable one for Jana – but not in a good way.

“I just bawled my eyes out – that’s 24 hours of crying,” she said.

She was talking to Alisha Aitken-Radburn from Aussie show Bachelor in Paradise, which saw her brutally dumped by Bachelorette star Jules Bourne, also ended dramatically.

After she exited the show, Alisha, who is now happily dating Glenn Smith, said producers let her order whatever she wanted from hotel room service.

“I ordered like two bottles of red wine and a banana split – I think I ordered two banana splits,” Alisha said. “I cried all night.”

The next day she had to fly back from Fiji to Australia on an early flight.

“On that flight back to Sydney I watched Moulin Rouge and I just cried the whole time, it was quite cathartic,” Alisha said with a laugh.

This article first appeared on News.com.au and has been republished with permission.

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