I gave birth live on Insta to 19k – there was screaming, lockdown wasn't going to stop family seeing my boy arrive

A WOMAN who gave birth at home during lockdown so her mum, dad and partner could be there, vlogged her son’s delivery for her 19,000 Instagram fans.

Ella Roberts, 28, from Aveley, Essex, said hospital consultants "laughed" at her plans, and told her they couldn’t go ahead because she had complications with her firstborn’s C-section birth in 2018.

After eventually getting her home birth ‘signed off’, Ella filmed the experience and shared it with her 19,000 followers on her Instagram account Crazy New Mumma.

She announced the personal video online, writing: "Home birth after caesarean, so here it is. I’m so excited to share with you part of our birth. 

"It actually looks pretty calm in this but I just need to say the last hour when the gas and air ran out and I dilated from 4-10cm – it was not calm!

"There was lots of screaming and everyone rushing round to get everything ready for Freddie’s arrival but it was all worth it."

The post has raked up nearly 13,000 views and hundreds of comments from parents congratulating Ella and her family on the arrival of baby Freddie.  

Ella suffered complications with her daughter Mya’s birth in September 2018 and had to have an elective c-section because she was breech.

Due with her second in January 2021, she wanted a home birth so she could stick to her birthing partner plans. 

If she had given birth in hospital, her parents wouldn’t have been allowed – and even fiancé Thomas Schwarz, 29, may not have been allowed in the delivery room.

The two households have been in a bubble together throughout the pandemic.

However, consultants said a home birth would be risky. 

But Ella turned to the support of a Facebook group where mums advised her to put her foot down and push for what she really wanted. 

She says: "I wanted a home birth with my daughter but she was breech so I had an elective C-section in September 2018. 

"I had hyperemesis gravidarum (severe morning sickness) all pregnancy but was always desperate for a home birth. My daughter unfortunately ended up being breech so I had to have a C-section at the last minute.

"So when I fell pregnant with Freddie, I thought my chances of a home birth wouldn’t happen as I was technically 'high risk' with the VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean). 

"But then I had consultants tell me I wasn’t allowed one at my appointments and I even overheard consultants laughing behind my back about me wanting one.

"So I thought a home birth was never going to happen for me."

The blogger says she had a supportive midwife and despite the "scare tactics" from other healthcare professionals, her home birth plan was finally ‘signed off". 

Ella filmed her 36-hour labour and shared it online as she says she wanted to inspire other women to give birth at home. 

"The thought of giving birth in a pandemic was terrifying enough and I was desperate for two birthing partners so my mum could be there too," she explains.

I was in utter shock when I finally had my home birth after 36 hours in labour; I just couldn't believe that my baby was here.

"That was one of my main reasons for wanting a homebirth, and after a 36 hour labour I got it!"

On Monday 11th January, Ella got into the birthing pool and her mum Julie read her birthing affirmations. 

Ella had gas and air and delivered Freddie and pulled him out of the water herself. 

Ella says it was lucky both her mum Julie and her dad Stewart were there as the birthing pool got cold, her parents had to pour in boiling water to make it warmer.

Julie was also rushing around to put towels into the tumble dryer so they were warm for when the baby arrived.

Ella says: "I was in utter shock when I finally had my home birth after 36 hours in labour; I just couldn't believe that my baby was here. 

"I pulled him out of the water myself, unwrapped the cord from his neck, placed him on me and just started to rub his back where he started to cry. It was a surreal moment.

"It really wasn't the calm home birth I had pictured in my mind but I am so proud of myself and  so glad I was able to deliver Freddie via the choice I had chosen."

The mum-of-two is now encouraging people to push for what births they want as she shares her life online. 

She says thousands have been moved by her vlog and birth posts; she gets daily messages from fellow mums thanking her for her honest content.  

"I get messages daily about how my page helps them because of all the honest content and how it makes them feel less alone in this lockdown.

"I’ve shared my postpartum body and all the things people don’t tell you about recovering from birth and I just love hearing all the positive feedback."

Ella says she shares an honest insight into life as a mum-of-two and posts candid stories on Instagram about personal topics including wearing giant knickers and maternity pads.

But she reiterates how proud she is of her body and how she appreciates it for what it is. She recently wrote: "Sometimes we are hard on ourselves for what we look like post birth.

"I’m just here to give you a shake and hopefully make you realise how normal it is to not recognise your body and that you seriously are a warrior and not to let it bother you."

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