I got my hair chemically straightened – halfway through my stylist left for lunch, what happened to my hair was horrific | The Sun

A TIKTOKER had a rather disastrous hair styling experience after he stylist left part way through to get lunch.

Laura Jarvie posted to TikTok, showing what happened when her hairstylist left while chemically straightening her hair.

The video, which has over 1.6 million views, and over 4,000 comments, is captioned “ #atleastshehadherfishandchips.”

Text one the clip reads: “Thinkin about the time I got my hair chemically straightened and the chick left to get lunch and it over developed and half my hair snapped off at the roots.”

She then shows off her post-disaster hair, showing just where the hair snapped, and how much of her hair ended up on the floor of the studio.

Viewers have reacted in horror to the unfortunate situation, with one writing: “As a licensed cosmo for 10 years… sue. Get their licence revoked. You’re very lucky to not have skin burns.”


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However, Laura explains that she didn’t sue, writing: “No I didn’t sue, I only asked for my money back, then spent over 5K on wigs, treatments, extensions, extension maintenance etc.”

One commenter joked: “How many years did you have to serve? Was the jury understanding?”

“Firstly I would’ve grabbed a clipper and given her the same haircut fairs fair” added a second.

A third added: “On second thought, I don't want my hair chemically straightened after all.”

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Another joked: “At least the three hairs that were left look straight.”

To which Laura replied “Great result, can’t complain.”

Other hair stylists also commented, with one arguing: “as a licenced Cosmo…..this is MORTIFYING. you never leave during ANY chemical service. I'm so sorry you went through this.”

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Laura isn’t the only person who’s had beauty treatments go wrong, with one woman sharing how eyebrows fell off after she had them tinted.

While another salon-goer was sent to wait in her car with foils in her hair, during an appointment that had cost £150.

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