I hate wearing bras and think most women do too – they’re not comfortable, I want to ‘free the tatas’ | The Sun

A WOMAN has made it her mission to ditch chest support for all bra users.

As far as she is concerned they are a useless part of anyone's wardrobe because they are simply not comfortable.

Jordan (@jjones451) is hugely popular with over 1.6 million followers.

She diverted from her usual subject matter in one of her posts when the topic of chest support was discussed.

Particularly whether one should wear a bra or not.

Her post was prompted by another, where a young man asked: “Do y’all really hate wearing bras?”

This riled Jordan, who felt compelled to respond, saying: “Hello, welcome back to aggressively educational TikTok."

“My name is Jordan, I’ll be your teacher and today we’re talking about boobs and bras."

This lady made it clear she was no fan, she insisted: “We hate wearing bras. They’re not comfortable."

To drive her view home she quoted a study: “There was actually a 15-year study done, published in 2013 that showed that wearing ill-fitting bras is not good for you."

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She said the research shattered any notions that bras offer support at all.

“It does nothing to alleviate back pain in large-chested women.

"And women that do wear bras more often actually tend to lose the muscle up here in their chest, which causes their boobs to be perky."

Finding the right size is also a nightmare she said.

“Now into the ill-fitting sh*t. I know they say there’s a communal way to measure communal sizes, but much like stores with jeans, any brand can be different," she said.

“So although you may think you have the right fitting bra, you may not, which causes pain in the shoulder and the back.

In conclusion, she made her feelings known in no uncertain terms: “Free the tatas.”

While there was broad agreement with her, there were one or two who did not concur, as demonstrated by this comment: “I can’t not wear one. I even sleep in one," she said.

But there were many who were on team 'free the tatas.'

“I refuse. I feel like I can’t breathe when I wear them," admitted this viewer.

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Another confessed: “Favorite part of the day is ripping it off.”

Finally, another signed up member to the cause: “I haven’t put a bra on in about four months, and let me tell you, it’s wonderful. So freeing. Love it," she said.

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