I live in a van to save cash but life is so draining – even taking a shower is so much effort and people hassle me | The Sun

A YOGA teacher who lives in a van has shared the good, bad and the ugly in her typical evenings.

Courtnie usually lives with her partner Nate in their home on wheels and has done so for four years.

However, when he went away for a few weeks, she was living in their shared campervan alone. 

She revealed that it is “draining” and there’s a risk of people harassing her if she draws too much attention to the van.

Courtnie took to TikTok to share a “pretty accurate representation” of what her nights as a nomad are like, point out which bits are draining and which bits she enjoys.

“I like to get my least favourite task out of the way first,” she started. “Which is emptying my pee jug.

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“Then I take my dog for his final outing of the night and then head back to the van to wind down.

“I like to park at public beaches or parks or anywhere that I can just exist without being hassled.”

To have a “full hair washing shower”, she had to take their portable toilet out of the bathroom and move the van around to make sure it was on a flat surface so the water could drain properly. 

“After my shower, I got cosy in my PJs,” she continued. “The van is always looking like an absolute disaster by the end of the day.

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“So I always have to take some time to tidy up before I can truly relax.”

However, going to sleep in the van isn’t a simple job as a woman alone.

Courtnie had to assemble the make-shift bed and drive around for a while to find a place she felt safe parking in for the night. 

“Some nights that’s easier than others,” she said. “And on the hard nights, I often ask myself, ‘what am I doing with my life?’

“But once I get to that spot and put all of my window covers on, it’s like I’m transported to my safe and cosy place.”

The nomad added that “city van life can be really draining” but she’s gotten used to it after four years on the road.

Courtnie and Nate have a whopping 2.4 million followers on their TikTok account, @courtandnate.

They share a dog named Tonkins who lives on the road with them.

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