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A BRIDE-TO-BE has showed off some of the bargain wedding dresses she bought from ASOS – with one even leaving her feeling like a Disney princess.

Roxi Janiszewska ordered £600-worth of wedding dresses from ASOS and then tried them on, before sharing her honest reviews of each with her social media followers.

In a clip shared to YouTube (@Roxxsaurus), the fashion influencer, who is better known as Roxxsaurus online, begins by unpackaging a stunning £250 bardot-style dress.

"Oh my freaking god…as soon as I saw this dress I just knew I had to try it," she enthuses.

"I love the bardot effect – honestly, that's such a gorgeous feature of this dress.

"It does actually have a sleeve as well which is kind of unusual, but I'm actually really digging it.


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"It's just got a zipper at the back and then the rest of the dress is pretty floaty."

Thankfully, when she slips into the bargain gown, her love of the dress only grows.


"Oh my god, can we just talk about this dress this?" she says.

"I'm sorry but I genuinely feel like a Disney princess – what even
is this?

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"This is so beautiful, I actually can't get over it!"

The second dress Roxi slips into is the 'Lace & Beads Bridal extreme tulle maxi dress in ivory,' which retails at £150.

"I have to say I really, really liked this on the website but now that I've got it on I'm not so sure," she says.

"It's actually quite a short dress…it doesn't even reach all the way down to the floor."

She does however, go on to praise the tulle effect of the dress and points out it'd look "fabulous" if you were to dance in it due to the fact it has a "lot of movement."

The fashion whizz then tries on the 'AQAQ Bridal one shoulder fitted maxi dress in white,' which is currently in the sale for £66.50.

"I love this one so much – the silhouette is perfect and it's literally snatching me in all the right places," she says.

"The silhouette of it is so freaking elegant and I love the neckline…it looks so nice and chic."

But despite saying she'd highly recommend the dress, Roxi does point out one slight downfall.

"This sleeve is kind of like going over your arm, so it's a little bit restrictive," she warns.

Not stopping there, the bride-to-be then slips into the 'ASOS DESIGN twist halter side tux maxi dress in ivory,' which is priced at £38.50.

"This is absolutely gorgeous from the top half, but the bottom half is a little bit questionable," she says.

"I really thought I'd like this dress and don't get me wrong, I absolutely love anything bodycon like this…but the only thing I'm not sure about is this thing right here."

Holding up the piece of loose material stitched on the side of the frock, she says: "I just don't really know what to do with it.

"I don't think it's really doing anything for the dress."

Finally, Roxi puts the £120 'True Violet Bridal off shoulder high low maxi dress in ivory' to the test.

"This dress has so much movement in it," she notes.

"I just love the fabric it's made of."

But things quickly go downhill…

"The dress is kind of falling down," Roxi says.

"There's really nothing holding it into place.

"It doesn't have that rubberised kind of band across the
chest that most of the dresses that are strapless do and that's a big issue because I just feel like it's not tight enough.

"If I fully relax my arms, it literally just falls down."

The video has since racked up over 229k views and several comments, with many fashion fans all keen to offer their opinions.

"I actually bought my evening wedding dress from ASOS. It was £90 and beautiful," wrote one.

"I didn't want to wreck my day time dress…best decision I ever made because the evening dress ended up getting so dirty!!"

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A second commented: "The first dress is something I would definitely wear – sooo pretty!"

A third added: "That second one would be beautiful for a 'second dress' for the after party – especially if it’s a summer wedding."

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