I quit my job to do cam work – my fans lavish me with an iPad, sofa & £5k of cash gifts

A WOMAN has revealed how she quit her job to become a cam girl – and has since been lavished with an iPad, sofa and £5,000 of cash gifts.

Lacey Loo, 32, from Edinburgh, has been camming for five years – having found it an easy way to make money while managing her chronic pain condition.

She's established herself as a findom, a type of dominatrix who demands cash and gifts from her clients, and it has proven a lucrative business.

Speaking to Fabulous, she says: "It might sound odd if you’re not familiar with this world, but my clients derive pleasure from me ordering them to buy me presents.

"I’ll admit it’s a rather niche fetish and not everyone’s idea of having fun, but if that’s how they like to spend their money, I’m not going to stop them.

"In five years, I've been bought gifts totalling £5,000 – including a £450 sofa and a £324 iPad. I've also been given £5,000 in cash gifts, on top of my fee."

Lacey turned to cam work after developing fibromyalgia, a chronic pain condition which means she can only work for two to three hours at a time.

She says: "I couldn’t sit at a desk and do a normal 9-5 job, because of my chronic pain. With camming I'm able to work around it.

"I’ve been able to set myself up with a much more professional 'at home' studio with the help of these submissive men, too.

"They’ve bought me better cameras, upgraded my computer equipment and paid for sexier lighting to set the mood.

"Let’s face it, that’s in their interests as it gives both me and my clients a better experience." 

When she was 15, Lacey went to professional dance college – something which she believes may have put strain on her body.

She says: "While I was still a student, aged 19, I started lap dancing as a way of making ends meet.

"I started doing it with a friend and actually quite enjoyed it.

"After I’d graduated. I realised I couldn’t make as much being a professional dancer in the West End, so preferred to do exotic dancing.

"Even the best dancers still have to wait tables at some point. It’s a hard industry and it’s difficult to make money in it.

My clients derive pleasure from me ordering them to buy me presents. If that’s how they like to spend their money, I’m not going to stop them

"Back in the mid-noughties, before the recession, I could make £500 or so a night lap-dancing.

"But wearing 10-inch stilettos and dancing for hours was also hard on my body.

"One day, I felt something ping in my back and that was it, I had to take time off and go home to my mum’s.

"My body just felt overwhelmed with pain, from my neck to my legs.

"I had terrible headaches and the fatigue was taking over – I couldn’t get enough sleep as I was in so much pain."

Since falling ill, Lacey has had everything from blood tests to MRIs to try and find a cure, as well as taking CBD oil and anti-inflammatory drugs.

But she still takes daily painkillers, admitting: "There is not much medics can do".

She says: "That was why, in 2015, I decided camming was the way forward.

"I found it easy to sign up to sites and start working from home, even with a pretty basic knowledge of computers.

"I’m unlike some other cam girls who might just be doing it to tide them over while they study. For me, it’s a lifestyle choice and a career I want to stay in. 

"I work two to three hours a day and for the amount of hours I work, I make a reasonable amount of money.

"It’s hard to say exactly what I earn every year as it varies but it’s around £2.50 per minute for 10 hours a week. It all depends on how many private chats you get."

I couldn’t sit at a desk and do a normal 9-5 job, because of my chronic pain. With camming I'm able to work around it

At £2.50 per minute, Lacey's clients could be forking out £1,500 a week for her services, despite her only working 10 hours-a-week.

She says: "Along with the wishlist items, it's enough for me.

"I'm able to work when I like, but I tend to stick to a schedule for my regulars which helps me keep a steady following, like my findom clients who like to spoil me.

"I spend my free time like anyone else, having lunch with friends, shopping or watching boxsets. 

"I don’t hide what I do from family and friends either – everyone is very accepting, and if it bothers them that's their problem.

"I’m not making them take their clothes off – what I do is my personal choice. 

"I have a really close relationship with my mum and, although I spare her the details, she does know what I do.

"Just recently, she said to me 'I am really proud of you, you know' – that means the world to me.

"I am happily single and have been that way for around four years. With my chronic pain condition, I’d rather be independent and in charge of my own life.

"I’m not interested in having kids – I’m happy with my little dog Tod."

Lacey’s best gifts

Retinol Correxion Eye Cream – £22.99

Apple Rose Gold iPad – £323.99

A Himalayan pink natural rock salt lamp – £16.99

Underwired Stella Bra by Bravissimo – £9.95

Rimmel Sun Shimmer compact – £3.05

HP EliteBook – £247.00

Regatta Insulated Waterproof Parka Jacket – £44.00

Five-drawer cream dressing table – £170.97

Vintage three-fold panel dressing table – £85.00

Bush Free-standing washing machine – £179.99

Modern Scroll pink velour velvet club sofa chair – £450.00

Anti-ageing skin care concentrate by Kiehl’s – £34.95

Paco Rabanne Lady Million – £46.50

Cash gifts – totalling £5,000

Total gift spend – £10,000

Lacey says cam work is a great confidence boost, because "you will always be someone's type".

She explains: "If there’s one thing that working in the adult industry has taught me, it’s that everyone deserves to feel confident in their own body.

"Any imperfections you perceive in yourself – whether you're slim, larger, taller, shorter – you will always be someone's type.

"American men seem to love Scottish girls, so I get a lot of clients from the other side of the pond.

"If your viewers are coming back, it's because you are their type. Being yourself is all you need in order to shine.

"I build a bond with my clients, it’s not all about sex. Some men are on their own in lockdown and they don’t have people around them.

"It’s a cliché but yes, they do sometimes really just want to talk to you about normal things.

"It’s amazing to have such a flexible job that allows me to be creative, communicative and most importantly, give myself the extra time to simply enjoy life."

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Lacey is on Twitter at @_LACEYLOOXXX_.

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